Srixon Z Star Golf Balls

Srixon company brand that offers full range of golf clubs, golf balls that has covered a vast area in market. Srixon Company believes in a change towards better. As demand of performance is increasing, golf equipment industries prefer to go for custom fitting. Focusing on the keyword “better performance”, the Srixon Z Star golf ball with ultra-high technology is introduced. With incredible design and ultimate construction, Z-star golf ball provides optimum performance.

Features of Srixon Z-star Golf balls:

  1. Mid high swing speed.
  2. Ultra-soft feeling in all shots.
  3. Excellent launch condition for larger distance.
  4. A maximum greenside spin with proper balance.
  5. Straight distance longer durability in air.

With three-piece construction, this Srixon Z-star Golf balls allow players to score high without compromising the feel.

Construction of Srixon Z-star Golf balls:

  1. New Energetic Gradient Growth core:With the promise of taking tour performance further, Srixon has introduced newly developed Energetic Gradient Growth core technology to Z star golf balls. This ultimate technology reduced compression from 90 to 88 that allows the golfer feel extreme softness in all shots.
  2. 333 speed dimple design technology:To improve the efficiency of flight balance, new z-star series utilizes five different kind of dimple sizes. Interstation of variety of size, improves the occupancy that provides desired air resistance for a perfect balance of flight. This particular technology improves the flight performance for additional gained distance too.
  3. Third generation spin skin coating:This elastic spin skin coating has introduce to provide a softer feel. Along with stretching across more of the club face at impact; it also lifts up the level of friction for more spin. The third generation spin skin coating enhances greenside spin.

The new Z star golf balls carries the clue of ultra-modern technology. The best part of this ball is golfer can feel the so well balanced control even in critical windy situation. This ball is the perfect choice for golfers who demand maximum performance.

The revolutionary invention of Srixon, the Z star series typically deals with large distance, high launch angle and low spin. The Z star golf balls have become golfer’s favorite. Surprising spin control ability on the green pitches has made these balls differ from other brands. Again, use of five different dimple arrangements provide low drag co-efficient as well as high lift co-efficient. Combination of various dimple sizes improve durability, ability to fight against air resistivity and straight distance.

This highly featured golf ball is definitely worth the purchase. By far incredible characteristics of these balls have able to meet golfer’s high demand of optimum performance and they highly recommended this ball to purchase. The Z star golf balls are completely customized ball that meets demand of maximum performance. Therefore, each aspect of Z star series golf balls are introduced well-researched technology.

Properties of These Srixon Z star golf balls lie above any other brand or model.  With ultimate appearance, advanced features and pocket friendly cost, Z star golf balls are engineered to create a new era of golf balls.


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