XXIO Royal Gold Premium Golf Balls

Analyzing all the complains and limitations, manufacturers introduce an era of golf balls which can deal with the most critical situation of the game. With an ultra-new technology, players can control over the excessive side swings and moment of inertia. With high tech design, XXIO Royal Gold Premium golf balls affect all influential factors of ball’s trajectory. Superior design technology of this ball offers great distance and more control. Without satisfying the soft feel, this ball travels a large distance with perfect flight balance. An ultra soft 3-piece premium golf ball has a pearl-pigmented coating for advanced performances.

XXIO Royal Gold premium gold balls are built with well-researched Japanese technology, which introduces the following features.

  1. Contruction: Super high resilience and ultra-soft 3 piece for control of skilled professionals.
  2. Cover: Highly flexible and soft ionomer cover that gives first class performance. The soft cover gives a pure touch feel to the ball.
  3. Mid layer: Tungsten enrich neo metal mix that provides excellent spin rate.
  4. Core: A unique composite core with soft feel and large diameter for maximum distance and explosive velocity.
  5. Dimple: Seamless, optimal trajectory 324 aero dimple design for desirable moment of inertia (MOI).

6.Ball numbers: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8

With all these unique features, we can find out a number of players benefits:

  1. Softest compression feel.
  2. Great distance optimal velocity.
  3. Longer lifetime in air.
  4. Smooth game for the players.
  5. Trusted quality.

XXIO Premium Golf ball technology does not compromise with golfer’s performance. Secret behind the longer stay in the air is XXIO aero speed dimple design pattern. In standard golf balls, manufacturers usually use circular dimple pattern. Circular arrangements leave some unnecessary spaces in the surface and so, dimple occupancy decreases. Its creative design technology meets high-grad moment of inertia (MOI) with hexagonal pattern. The weight distribution of the ball is modified which reduces spin decay to carry the ball high. Instead of using circular dimple configuration, the 324-speed aero dimple design introduces honeycomb like patterns. These hexagonal prismatic arrangements trim the voids and meet high dimple occupancy. This results curtailed lift and preferred spin axis.

XXIO Royal Gold Premium golf balls use tungsten enrich polymers that gives uncompromising feel around the green. A ball that travels long and does not let to sacrifice satisfaction is exactly smart choice of golfers. Utilization of this advanced material element provides ultimate control. XXIO Royal Gold Premium deals with the most important factors durability and distance. Highly resilient soft ionomer cover of this ball enhances all the features of these balls to achieve optimum performance.

This innovative golf ball has lifted up the technology to a new level where it has control on each factor of golf course. This premium golf ball carries five star rating at an affordable price. XXIO royal premium golf ball is easy to control and ideal for the golfers. According to the buyers, they have found that these balls can make up the lost distance. This revolutionary innovation has surprised many golfers with its incredible features.


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