Cleveland Golf Wedges Reviews

Players who know their wedges would have definitely heard about the Cleveland Wedges. Since its launch in 1979, the brand has been dominating the short game market, and it has managed to create a solid reputation for itself among golfers at all levels.

Just how big is the Cleveland Brand?

In 1988, the company launched the 588 wedge, which went on to become the best selling wedge of all time. Its subsequent releases, namely the CG Series and the Rotex Series, are equally popular among the golfers.

Cleveland wedges have found a place in the bags and hearts of many PGA Tour Champions including Graeme McDowell, Keegan Bradley, J.B. Holmes, and Hideki Matsuyama. It’s estimated that the Cleveland Golf Wedges have been part of 350 PGA Tour wins. It has been the trusted companion and the go to choice of 11 world number 1 players and 26 major tour champions. Till date, sales data show that the Cleveland brand has sold more than 11 million wedge clubs.

Success hasn’t stopped Cleveland from pursuing perfection. They are constantly working on new designs and innovations to create wedges that help golfers play full shots and execute strokes that get the ball closer to the hole.

Cleveland RTX-3 Golf Wedges

According to Cleveland’s Product Manager, Brain Schielke, to create the RTX-3, the company had to revisit the fundamentals of the wedge design. Cleveland has used three revolutionary technologies to help the golfer get closer to the hole.

The RTX-3 offers control, accuracy, and workability that top professional players expect from a wedge. The Cleveland RTX-3 wedges are available in three finishes – Black Satin, Tour Raw, and Tour Satin. The three technologies incorporated in the wedges are the following:

Feel Balancing Technology

The typical wedge club tends to be heavier at the heel, but most golfers miss the shot at the toe end of the club. The Feel Balancing Technology used in the Cleveland Wedges involves moving weight away from the hosel. The makers have cut 9 grams from the hosel and moved it towards the center of the club face. The Cleveland team has successfully done this by using a shorter hosel and making a micro-cavity to lighten the heel. Interestingly, the design changes have been made without affecting the Cleveland look and design in any way.

Reducing the weight of the hosel and thereby moving the center of gravity towards the center of the club face has a huge positive impact on both the feel and performance of the players. When the ball strikes near the center of the club face, which happens to be where most players hit the ball, the impact feels right. Furthermore, moving the center of gravity closer to center improves stability and reduces the change of twisting of the wedge club face.

Use of V-shaped Sole Grinds

Next, the engineers focused on improving the consistency and helping the golfers get the ball as near as possible to the hole. To achieve their goal of consistency, they worked on improving the turf interaction. The next key innovation was the inclusion of the V-shaped Sole Grinds in the RTX-3 Wedges.

The new sole design involves adding extra bounce to the leading edge and grounding off the trailing edge of the sole. These two design changes add stability to the wedge and make it more versatile. Apart from improving the turf interaction, the new sole design will help the speed retention and further add to the consistent stroke play around the green. Depending on the turf condition and swing path, the players can choose any of the three sole designs, namely, the V-FG, V-MG, and V-LG.

Rotex Face Technology

We’ve seen the innovations in the hosel and sole design. Next, our focus shifts to the design changes made to the club face. The improvement in playability and overall performance is also aided by the use of Rotex Face Technology.

Cleveland has used an innovative Tour Zip Grooves design on the club face. The new design is both deeper and narrower than what was used previously. The objective was to get more spin from the rough, and the new club face design helps the makers achieve the goal.

Most other brands use different groove designs for different lofts, but you won’t see that happening in the Cleveland RTX-3 Wedges. The Cleveland brand believes that the role played and function performed by the grooves in a wedge club doesn’t change. It pushes away the dirt away from the club face to aid consistent contact. To optimize this function, the makers believe they have found the best possible groove design for all lofts.

While Cleveland decided to use the same groove design for all lofts, it uses different micro-millings depending on the loft of the RTX-3 Wedges. Cleveland RTX-3 Golf Wedges with higher lofts have micro-milling at an angle to aid maximum spin when used around the green. On the other hand, the engineers have opted for straight micro-milling in low loft wedges to help full shots.

To increase friction (around the greens) and ensure maximum roughness across the surface of the club face, laser million has been used on Cleveland RTX-3 Golf Wedges.

Cleveland CBX Golf Wedges

Golfers who are looking for golf wedge club that offers higher forgiveness choose the Cleveland CBX Wedges. As far as improvement golf clubs go, the CBX is right at the top. The Cleveland CBX offers the best of both worlds; it has the forgiveness that most players want and it uses the popular spin technology that Cleveland uses in its wedges. The CBX is also the first choice for more than 80% of players who use the cavity back irons.

Cleveland Smart Sole 3 Golf Wedges

The Cleveland Smart Sole 3 is for players who expect the highest level of forgiveness in the game improvement clubs. The Smart Sole 3 C & S wedges provide assistance in escaping the bunker and reducing chunk shots.

Personalizing the Cleveland Golf Wedges

The Cleveland RTX-3 and CBX Golf Wedges can be customized to suit the needs of the players. To attract the golfers, Cleveland offers numerous grip options, shaft choices, lie, and loft adjustments. Golfers can also individualize the wedges with options such as 6 laser-etched skins, 20 paint fill colors, and with as many as 3 initials.


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