TaylorMade M2 Hybrid Clubs Review

The TaylorMade M2 Hybrid Rescue Clubs represent a recognized name in the industry. The hybrid comes with the improved speed performance which immediately recommends them for top-level players. The seed is enhanced through the Speed Pocket design and can thus represent a solid reason for a good upgrade for most players. With a solid engineering for an improved feel and even sound, the hybrids represent the great choice from TaylorMade and the new approach with the M2 means they will be here to stay as they are instantly recognized as top performers.


  • Improved speed
  • Improved sound
  • Improved feel
  • Better confidence


  • Nor the most affordable option


The performance of the hybrids recommends the M2 for a great approach to speed and a design which can inspire even the most modern alternatives. This is why it can be considered among the top few options on the market which manages to bring good innovation, decent performance and a design which will make them stand out to a market where hybrids tend not to vastly improve from year to year. With a better speed, a better feel and a better sound, the M2 represent the option for you top-level skills. If you are looking to maximize your results with positive aggression and a design which will allow this, then the hybrids might be the right performer for your needs.

You will also be glad to know the hybrids come with the lower center of gravity. More control and more determination with the new center of gravity will make you push for better results and even for an improved consistency. The two-tiered sole will also improve the moment of contact with the green.


The modern design of the hybrids recommends them for total confidence. With improved alignment, you will get the opportunity to work closely with the design and the detailed manufacturing to produce better long-distance results. The small Speed Pocket adjustment will also work to your advantage as it will allow you to determine a better speed ratio making the hybrids a top solution for a wide range of skills and the majority of the players.

The TaylorMade M2 Hybrid Clubs come with an exceptional sound. With the improved feel and design, the rescue club will also prove to be a solid choice for the dedicated players who want to immediately stand out. Thus, they will not only provide an improved performance but they will also feel better to the players. And this is one of the hidden secrets of the M2 Rescue Club, making the hybrids a top option for many players. Once you get to use the hybrids, you won’t want to move to another version until the next upgrade which can tell a lot about the quality of the construction and the performance. With a lower center of gravity and an improved feel, there are very few reasons not to choose the M2. While you might struggle to find a better-shaped identity on the market, the M2 clubs will prove to be one of the most up to date options which are available at this moment.


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