Ping Thrive Teen Golf Club Set Review

The Ping Thrive Teen Golf Club Set offers everything you need to get started with the game. As you may expect from similar sets, you will get a hybrid. With an easy to hit design, the hybrid will be also accompanied by a fairway wood, a putter, and the mandatory irons. All of this will come in a modern bag which will be easy to carry as it comes with straps and a durable design that will prove to be the right option for hot days or even for the rainy days.


  • Versatile driver
  • Lightweight irons
  • Quality bag


  • Driver not at the highest level


The stand bag set represents a great alternative if you are just starting out. Since you might be confused by the various options on the market, you will get the opportunity to work closely with the offered driver and irons to have everything you need for the best performance. This means you will get all the needed alternative for the perfect short and long game. The driver comes with a slightly outdated design but it will still work to offer decent forgiveness and a good overall performance for the average skills.

The irons in the bag will come with a lightweight design needed to cover longer distances. The good news is that this will be able to create the base you need to reach further and further while also getting to learn the game and mastering your skills. Together with the Anser putter, you will have a complete set of choices for your golfing needs.


The design of the irons follows traditional rules which make them a good option and even a solution for the following years since they might go out of style and performance slowly than the driver. The good news is that you can still use them until you reach your next skill level as the set can be aimed at the new player or the occasional user. Together with the putter, you will be able to stabilize your accuracy on the approach. And even if you could use some finer alternatives, the fact that they all come in a modern bag and are already pre-selected for you means that you can experience a better first contact with the game.

The Ping Thrive Teen Golf Club Set represents a decent option if you are just starting out. Although the design of the irons or the design of the driver could be improved, you would still get a good overall performance which will remain constant across the clubs. This can have a positive impact especially at this crucial time when you will be developing your golfing skills. With a modern stand bag that will work for upright storage, you will get a set which is easy to transport as it can easily fit in the trunk of most cars. With a durable design, the bag can also prove to be a good choice to protect the irons regardless of the weather conditions.

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