The Leupold QuickDraw Rangefinder Tether System Review

Kids lose stuff all the time. But, imagine an adult misplacing or losing things. Well, I’m saying this because I’ve lost my rangefinder on the golf course, not once, but twice. I’m sure some of you must have misplaced the rangefinder at least once. If you have, then let that be the last time and if you haven’t then make sure it never happens to you.

Reliable and accurate rangefinders are expensive. The money you spend on buying a new rangefinder can be spent to buy extra golf time on the course. Anyways, a few months back I lost my rangefinder on the golf course. I looked into the golf bag, in my pocket, searched the golf cart, I couldn’t find it. I also wasted valuable golf time retracing my path around the course, but couldn’t find it anywhere. That’s when I decided to buy the Leupold QuickDraw Rangefinder Tether System.

Introducing the Leupold QuickDraw Rangefinder Tether System

This is a tethered system that keeps your rangefinder safe and ready to use. Fitted to the rangefinder, the system can be attached to a cart mount or your belt clip. The 36-inch, heavy duty, cord that comes with the system doesn’t disturb or hinder the use of the rangefinder. The device uses a Whisper Quiet retractor system, so you won’t even hear the cord being pulled or being retracted. Apart from keeping the rangefinder safe, the QuickDraw system also steadies the hand. The tension the cord creates, when it’s extended, helps the golfer keep a steady hand and focus on the target.

There are two different ways to mount the rangefinder. You can use the double-sided tape and Velcro method or just the Velcro strap. I visit the local golf club every other weekend, so I’ve two rangefinders – the starter model Leupold PinCaddie 2 and the Leupold GX-4i2. I tried both mounting methods on the two rangefinders and faced no issues using them. I was also told by my friends that the Leupold QuickDraw System works well with other rangefinder brands and models as well.

The tether system doesn’t prevent you from sharing the rangefinder with your friends. Use the thumb release feature to free the rangefinder and share without being disturbed by the cord. The QuickDraw system can be used to secure other devices such as mobile phones, radios, GPS receivers, etc.

Another advantage of using the Leupold QuickDraw Rangefinder Tether System is that you don’t have to keep the rangefinder attached to your belt at all times. The system can be very securely attached to a power cart.

The Leupold QuickDraw Rangefinder Tether System is fantastic, must have golf accessory. Without a doubt, it’s the best system to keep the rangefinder safe. Now, you can fully focus on your game and not worry about keeping the rangefinder and other valuable gadgets safe.




Keeps your rangefinder secure

Doesn’t support push cart mount

Stabilizes the hand while using the rangefinder

Comes with 36-inch Kevlar Cord

Belt and power cart mount

Quick Thumb Release Feature

Whisper Quiet retractor system




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