Volvik S4 Gold Balls Review

The Volvik S4 golf balls come with a premium tour level construction. The balls have been made popular by Bubba Watson as they are aimed at the fast swing player. The balls come with 336 dimples which are made for proper high-speed aerodynamics. The complex 4-piece construction is also aimed at delivering the highest performance with minimum spin. These types of designs need to be truly well balanced to offer a good overall result, and the S4 golf balls are one of the positive experiences for any type of fast-swinging player.


  • 90-120mph range
  • 4-piece construction
  • Increased roll on the green
  • Urethane cover


  • Requires top technique


The performance of the Volvik S4 golf balls has been proved even at tournament level. With the likes of Bubba Watson, the balls have been made popular even outside the brand. As the ball is the companies’ straightest tour option, it comes with the urethane coating. This is partially responsible for the fast speeds and the smooth flight. The tour balls offer one of the simplest and most enjoyable spin rates, which employ the 4 pieces of the design.

With a Bismuth design, the balls are also very well placed for optimum performance under the energy transfer department. Since the material can expand, it changes the responsiveness of the balls, making them perform better with a better connectivity between the layers and the cover. The response from the material is considered quite unique and can be truly seen at the highest level with the fastest swings only.

The hard core of the balls is responsible for consistent results and improved accuracy. This also means the balls deliver lower spin for the drivers which will prove useful when trying to perfect the right technique and in high-performance environments such as at tournaments.


The balls can also work for players of other categories. They represent recreational designs which can work with speeds of up to 90mph. If you truly want to push for results, however, you will need to make the most out of the urethane cover design. The manufacturer uses a unique technology which controls spin but which also does a good job at arranging a soft feel with impact. The balls` design works perfectly on the green as well.

The Volvik S4 Gold Balls are truly recommended for advanced players which know how to calibrate speed efforts. Although can also work for medium speeds of up to 90mph, the balls perform the best around 100 mph both in terms of spin control and in terms of consistency.

With 336 dimples, the balls are made with an aerodynamic design which is capable of delivering superior results on and off the ground. Since the spin of the driver will also be limited, the balls are perfect for the lighter drivers or players who need to maintain good results with off-center shots. The balls are recommended for a player already at a high level with good speeds or players who wish to move up to that level.


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