Volvik S3 Golf Balls Review

The Volvik S3 golf balls easily stand out with the white color. Since so many golf fans are used to seeing the balls from Volvik in different colors, the white option comes branded and markets the white color strongly. But this is explainable since the proprietary blend of white is brighter than regular alternatives. And since the color is of high quality, the balls also offer very good performance with tour quality responsiveness. With a urethane cover, you can expect less air spin and improved roll on the green.


  • 3-piece design
  • Tour quality
  • Easy to spot
  • Controlled spin


  • Mid to low speed recommended


The balls come with the popular 3-piece design which has been used by so many players at all levels. The urethane cover does a good job at controlling spin and improving performance on the green. The second layer plays an important role in long-distance performance. But it also has a role in controlling the spin of the balls, especially in air. The core has been characterized as elastic. This means it will react well to hits as it has the capability of improving forgiveness. This is why the balls are recommended for players with slower swings or players with mid-range speeds. Although faster players can use the balls, it seems that the best overall results tend to be achieved at lower speeds.

The performance of the ball is interestingly influenced by its weight as well. Since many players have described the S3 as heavier than some other alternative, it is worth trying to maximize results in less than perfect wind conditions with these types of balls.

The 3-piece design works well together and delivers a consistent result which is above the average of the market. Volvik fans will not only get solid balls which continue the tradition of the manufacturer but they will have a goo opportunity to switch to a slower alternative if needed.


The design of the balls comes with the urethane cover which can act to influence the overall speeds you can accomplish. This is not to say that the balls are slow, some players even achieving speeds of over 90mph. This is partly due to the Bismuth Enhanced Core technology. The responsiveness of the core which balances flexibility with a strong design is what delivers this versatility in the end.

The Volvik S3 golf balls offer one of the most pleasant experiences you can find for lower speeds. The results are surprisingly straight and consistent and this is why they might be recommended at tour level. With a white color that makes an impact, it is easy to spot the balls on the ground. You`ll thus be able to reduce the number of lost balls on the course and you`ll also be able to spot them better against the sky. The S3 represents a classic choice which has to be tried by all players at some point in their careers or in their hobby.


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