XXIO Premium Royal Platinum Golf Balls

Whenever a golf player is asked about the most important thing of this game, his honest answer is “the ball”. This means finding the suitable ball for the golf course is very important. The Japanese brand XXIO has able to set up a stable market place by launching premium series of golf balls. XXIO technology introduces few changes to the previous model of premium golf ball series. In 2015, XXIO launched XXIO Premium Royal Platinum golf balls for the players with slower swing speed. This Japanese technology deals with Dual Speed Technology (DST).With the technology XXIO can control on the swing motion that delivers more kinetic energy at impact. An analysis of golfer’s swing invented a design that sharply maximizes the player rotation efficiency. Therefore, the result welcomes ultimate performance of the player. After successful market penetration of XXIO Premium Royal Gold golf balls, XXIO technology analyzed the golfer’s specifications deeply. So, they came up with XXIO Premium Royal Platinum Golf balls specially designed for the players with slower swing speed. This customized Japanese technology allows those players to play with maximum distance without compromising the soft feel. The key features of XXIO Premium Royal Platinum golf balls are:

  1. 344 speed aero dimple design.
  2. Incredibly beautiful super shine on cover.
  3. Tungsten enriched mid layer.
  4. An Energetic Gradient Growth core (E.G.G.) with large diameter.
  5. Ball numbers-1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8

With these high tech features, players can have benefits like great flight balance, windy condition controllability, Straight and maximum distance, super high resilience, incredible soft feel, optimal trajectory etc.

XXIO Premium Royal Platinum ball is a high performance ball with 344 speed aero dimple design technology. This Japanese dimple design technology has accepted the challenges of Moment of Inertia (MOI) and invented hexagonal dimple patterns to reach the desired Moment of Inertia. These uniformly organized non-circular, non-consecutive dimple patterns creates less air resistance and allows the ball to stay in air for longer duration. Due to hexagonal dimple configuration, it reduces gaps between the dimples. This results lower lift and desired spin axis of the ball.

The mid layer of the ball is made of tungsten enriched neo metal mixed composite that gives a premium feel. Use of this advance material gives more control and comfortable touch ability.

The core is designed with a large diameter to provide stunning speed and lower spin so that the players can deliver straight distance. Energetic Gradient Growth core of these balls has enhanced the game for golfers. XXIO technology has designed this platinum product with brilliant finish. A high class, super shine cover carries a royal touch and optimum greenside performance.

From the core to cover, XXIO Premium Royal Platinum technology helps players to achieve ultimate performance. A ball that does not give up on windy condition is definitely worth to purchase.3 piece construction of XXIO Premium Royal Platinum Ball is a high recommendation for golfers with slower swing speed.

XXIO Premium Royal Platinum Golf Balls
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