Get To Know About Some of the Best Spikeless Golf Shoes

A game of golf may seem like a very simple game to a layman. However, in reality it is not so at all. Playing golf requires endurance, experience, proper training, and skills. Apart from using the best quality golf clubs and golf balls on a golf course, you should also use one of the most suitable spikeless golf shoes. Over the years, golf shoes have changed in leaps and bounds. Most of the golfers prefer to wear shoes which provide ultimate comfort and also look good. It should also be able to provide stability in all possible terrains and withstand harsh climatic conditions with ease. If you think that choosing a pair of suitable golf shoes is a very easy process, then you may think again. It is a time consuming and highly stressful process. It would be a great help for you to get some assistance in choosing the right pair of spikeless golf shoes for your upcoming tournament.

For any sportsman, being comfortable is highly important. Whether you talk about the clothes or shoes, you should feel comfortable in all possible aspect. Imagine going out to play golf on a bright sunny day and suddenly you find that your golf shoes have become damp due to the presence of dew on the grass. It can really destroy your good mood in seconds. There are also many, who believe that being stylish on a golf course helps in several ways. Keeping all of this in mind, makes it very important for you to choose the best golf shoes.

Features To Consider While Shopping For Spikeless Golf Shoes

Many of you may say that golfers can roam around a golf course on buggies. However, there are many golfers who prefer to walk around the grounds. It helps them exercise their bodies and also feel refreshed. Long walks around the grounds will definitely require a good pair of golf shoes. Here are some primary features to consider when it comes to shopping for a suitable pair of spikeless golf shoes.

  1. Warm And Waterproof: For a golfer to walk around the gold course with confidence and in total comfort, it is very important for his feet to remain warm and waterproof. If you wear traditional golf shoes, there will be a great possibility for water to seep through the thin soles. This is especially true if you walk on damp grass. It will invariably make your socks get wet and make you feel uncomfortable. A pair of good quality spikeless golf shoes should be waterproof so that it does not allow water to get in and prevent splashes of water from making your shoes wet.
  2. Weight and Grip: Whether you wear spikeless or spiked golf shoes on a golf course, it is very important for it to provide exceptional grip of the ground. This is one of the most important factors for any golfer. If you wear golf shoes which come with hard plastic or metal spikes, then getting a good grip is possible. Thankfully, even if you weak spikeless golf shoes, you can easily get a good grip of the ground while you prepare to make your swing. This is possible due to the use of various types of fabrics and materials n such types of shoes. Spikeless golf shoes come with dimples or synthetic cleats in place of hard metal spikes. This allows you to get a good grip and also saves your time in maintenance of the shoes.
  3. Fabric or Material Used: Various types of fabrics or materials are used to make golf shoes. This may range from mesh fabrics to faux leather. There are several factors to consider when it comes to choosing a pair of spikeless golf shoes made of a specific material. These include the weather, your personal comfort level, and time of the year. One of the most popular materials used to make shoes is leather. It has been in use since ages and the material itself has a natural tendency of stretching and adjusting to the size and shape of the user’s feet. However, when it comes to waterproofing features, leather is not as effective as some of the other materials such as Gore-Tex. This is why leather golf shoes are usually worn during the summer months.
  4. Appeal and Versatility: When it comes to sports, it is a common sight to find sportsmen defining their personal styles in sportswear. There are several reputed brands in the market, which have a wide array of spikeless golf shoes. These companies have a pair for almost every type of golfer around the world. These shoes are available in several patterns and varieties. These shoes are also quite versatile in terms of functionality and design. There are several golf hoes which look like ordinary sneakers. On the other hand, there are some, which look like formal footwear. This makes it possible for golfers to wear such shoes anywhere they want. However, it is good for you to note that spikeless golf shoes come with bumps or cleats. Thus, wearing them regularly may wear out these cleats.

Difference between Spiked and Spikeless Golf Shoes

Most of you may wonder why wear a pair of spikeless golf shoes instead of spiked ones. Well, there are several differences between the two types of golf shoes. Some of the key differences are discussed below.

  1. Traction: It is very natural for you to understand that shoes with metal spikes will provide better lateral stability, especially on mountainous terrains and wet lands. However, spikeless shoes are also not much behind in terms of grip and stability. The best way to determine whether to wear spiked or spikeless golf shoes is largely based upon the course conditions. If you are going to play on a hilly golf course, which may have uneven ground levels, or even on wet and soggy grounds, then the best bet would be to wear spiked shoes. However, spikeless ones also provide great grip and control while you prepare to take a swing at the golf ball.
  2. Functionality: When it comes to spiked golf shoes, you cannot wear it all the time wherever you go. For example, if you are planning to go to a party, then wearing spiked golf shoes may prove to be highly disturbing. However, when it comes to spikeless golf shoes, you may wear them everywhere you go. You may wear them on a golf course and also when you decide to go out for a walk. However, do remember not to wear your spikeless golf shoes too often since regular use may wear out the bumps or cleats.
  3. Comfort Level: When it comes to the comfort level of wearing golf shoes, both spiked and spikeless ones score almost the same. Golfers usually preferred to wear spikeless golf shoes when they wanted to wear something comfortable. However, in this modern era, spiked golf shoes are also designed in such a way that they provide ultimate comfort to wearers.

Some of the Best Spikeless Golf Shoes

When it comes to spikeless golf shoes, there are several varieties in the market. Choosing the perfect one may take longer than you may think. However, if you could get some help and guidance in choosing the right pair of spikeless golf shoes to play your next tournament, it will certainly help you in many ways. Here are some of the best quality and highly popular spikeless golf shoes used by many golfers around the globe.

  1. Footjoy Contour Casuals: Footjoy, one of the popular names in the world of golf shoes, has been in this field for several years. The quality of their shoes is top of the line and their prices are also quite competitive. Footjoy Contour Casuals is one of those spikeless golf shoes worn by several reputed golfers. This product is made of leather and looks like any other traditional shoe. It comes with laces and is completely waterproof. However, it is highly recommended to try a few sizes before you choose the final one. This is because the width of the instep of this product may cause pinching for some users.
  2. Skechers Performance Go Golf Tour Elite Golf Shoes: Skechers is also one of those reputed brands when it comes to sports shoes. This company also has its own line of spikeless golf shoes named as Skechers Performance Go Golf Tour Elite Golf Shoes. These are available in different colors, as well, such as brown, charcoal, white, and navy. This product also comes with laces and padded cuffs to provided additional comfort and cushioning. It is waterproof, thanks to the synthetic exteriors and rubber sole. You will find this product extremely comfortable to wear on almost any surface.
  3. Adidas Adicross V Golf Spikeless Shoes: This product from Adidas also comes with laces and a leather finish. The upper surface of this product has the Climastorm water resistant features. You will find the traditional Adidas three stripes on the sides of this pair of shoes. These shoes are quite lightweight and you can expect additional cushioning due to the presence of Cloudfoam sockliners. Apart from the golf course, you can wear this pair of shoes on almost any surface. Unlike many other spikeless golf shoes, this product from Adidas adds a bit of style to your attire.
  4. Puma Ignite Spikeless Golf Shoe: If you are one of those style conscious golfers, then this product from Puma will be best suited for you. These come in various patterns and colors and you will surely find one as per your color and style preference. It comes with minimal laces upfront and looks extremely streamlined and sleek. The prices of these shoes vary depending upon the patterns and colors. You can expect additional stability from this Puma product due to the use of a proprietary material called energy-return foam. It comes with a rubber sole and made of synthetic leather. This pair of spikeless golf shoes is perfect to be worn in any situation and for any use.
  5. Nike Golf Men’s Fi Impact Golf Shoe: If you talk about sports shoes, then you simply cannot forget Nike. When you look for technologically advanced sports shoes, then Nike shoes will be the forerunners. This product from Nike is available in a wide range of colors and also has the Nike logo on the sides. The entire shoe is made of synthetic material. This also includes the sole of the shoe. It also has laces and the upper material is made of a breathable mesh material. The entire shoe is overlaid with TPU, which allows the product to become waterproof. In order to provide additional comfort and stability, it provides a snug fit. This product from Nike easily fits on any foot and is extremely lightweight.

In this hectic lifestyle, going from one store to another to buy the right pair of spikeless golf shoes may be a sheer waste of time. Thus, the best way out is to shop online. Many of you may think that buying shoes online will not be a good idea, since the purchased product may not fit properly on your feet. However, if you know the right size of your feet, it will make things much simpler for you. Purchasing online will also give you the chance to compare a few good and reputed spikeless golf shoes on the same site.

There are multiple companies in the market which manufacturer spikeless golf shoes. This is why it is always better to take some time and then buy the right pair of spikeless golf shoes. Do you know anybody, who has been playing golf for a long time? Seeking his help in helping you to choose the right pair of such shoes will be a great idea. This will save your time and effort. Although spikeless golf shoes can be worn on any surface, it is highly recommended to limit it to golf courses only. The more you wear them the more chances of wearing out the bumps.


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