Leupold GX 1i3 Golf Rangefinder Review

The Leupold GX 1i3 is one of the most modern-looking rangefinders on the market. In a niche where many rangefinders struggle to make an impact, the Gx13 continues Leupold’s legacy of amazing designs coupled with the latest technologies. As usual, Leupold fans will receive a rangefinder with some of the most demanded technologies in the golfing world. The PinHunter technology has now reached its third generation which means it will pick up the flag faster than before. But there are other additions which make it quite attractive, such as the interesting Prism Lock or the Club Selector


  • Improved speed
  • Modern design
  • Club Selector mode
  • Prism Lock mode
  • Digitally enhanced accuracy
  • Slope measurement


  • No alert for flag lockdown


The Leupold Gx13 is one of the most noticeable rangefinders on the market. With a range of 800 yards and all of the popular technologies advanced golfers need, the device manages to set a high standard for the competition. It comes with the Digitally Enhanced Accuracy (technology) which will ensure more precise readings on the course. The rangefinder comes with slope the slope measurement function which sees it perform on all types of terrains.

The rangefinder also differentiates itself with the Club Selector functions. The technology makes readings and then recommends clubs and hitting strength accordingly. This function is rare to find in competitor models and can be a good purchase influencer for the right players.

Another unique function comes with the Fog Mode. This technology will ensure you`ll get exact readings even with fog, since there are plenty of devices which can give false readings with less than perfect weather conditions.

This makes the rangefinder one of the best equipped devices on the market. And since the slope measurement function can be disabled for tournament play, it represents an option for the advanced or professional player also.


Leupold rangefinders are among the most beautiful on the market. They usually combine modern and classical elements to create beautiful designs. The waterproof construction allows it to be used in any weather conditions. Since it also comes with the Fog Mode function it will be safe to use in the rainy days as well.

The Leupold Gx13 golf rangefinder is among the best in its category. Not only does it come with the latest technologies and with some unique features but it also looks great with its modern design.

Players will appreciate its abilities to recommend clubs in certain situations which are one of the features that make Leupold stand out in the golfing community. The rangefinder will also be appreciated for the Prism Lock technology which allows players more control than ever before. With a digitally enhanced accuracy the device quickly becomes a staple in the industry bringing innovation for the advanced players. The only negative aspect seems to be the lack of a physical alert for flag lockdown which some players added on their wish list. But since the device is aimed at the advanced user, the lack of this feature should not represent a big issue.


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