Titleist 718 AP2 Irons

The Titleist  718 AP2 Irons represent a solid option for consistent distance results. This is why so many players use them for the constant performance but they might also find other reasons which might be harder and harder to find. These can include the sound and the pure feel of the steel. Nonetheless, these reasons can also include the appealing look of the irons. The playability of the irons recommends them for most users and with good forgiveness, they will prove to be a good investment.


  • Improved performance
  • Great forgiveness
  • Distinct sound
  • Distinct look


  • Co-forged construction needs better performance


The overall performance of the irons is great. Rather than shining in a singular or a couple of characteristics, the irons manage to provide a great overall package which also includes the looks and even the sound. With so many options to choose from, it is hard to decide on the best personal choice. This is where you will need to consider that the irons come with good forgiveness which also recommends them to the newer players.

The performance of the irons is also recommended by the exact construction. With precise pin placement, the irons manage to represent a good option even in terms of construction. And with so many other alternatives on the market from top manufacturers, this is one of the main characteristics which needs praising. The best part is that the overall performance feels well balanced and can go beyond what you would expect at a first glance. You will get to use the irons for consistently long distance results and this can prove to be a solid alternative which will find you coming back time and time again.


The design of the irons follows some already popular characteristics. Even so, they manage to have a solid place and identity of their own and can represent a great modern approach to some classic aspect seen with previous generation irons. If you are looking to impress with the design and follow some classic options to the core, you might feel that the irons are made for you. The design also comes with that distinct sound which will place the whole experience at another level.

The 718 AP2 Irons represent a solid option for many types of players. The irons are very close to the top performers on the market and this can say a lot about the quality of the design and the manufacturing. If you are looking for new irons but are anchored in the historic designs, having a modern approach will be the best solution for your needs. This is why the AP2 can represent such a solid option. Many players feel they can’t go back to other alternatives once they use the irons and this is not only based on the performance, but also on the feel. With a flawless design and a sound that is fairly distinct, the irons can represent a top choice for most players.


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