Callaway Apex Hybrids Review

The Callaway Apex Hybrids offer impressive precision which is considered by many as one of the best in the industry. The forged face with the Apex Precision technology delivers a controlled experience which is perfect for the dedicated player.

If you are a big fan of total control, the Apex Hybrids will be best suited for you. With more control over the ball, you will improve your performance on the course regardless on the conditions you have to deal with. You can even set your own preferences and this recommends the series or the professional or tour level players who are making the transition from irons.

More control

As said above, the hybrids come with more control which offers the right alternative for the dedicated player with tour-level performance. Of course, this is partly due to the transition from the irons. With a larger face, the hybrids provide the perfect alternative to the irons and this is why they might be preferred by the tour-level players. With a neutral CG, you will be far more suited of improving your personal style than ever before.

Forged face cup

The forged face cup is, of course, closer to players which come with an iron background. Made from the Carpenter 455 steel, the face is the true leading feature of the hybrids, this is why you`ll have to love the design to get the most out of the series.

The sole purpose of the forged face is to improve the speed with every hit. The forged cup has the right design to deliver this but it also comes with an improved performance on the off center hits as a result. Although aimed at the tour-level player, you can still see the desired results with the average skills, especially with those off-center hits.

More versatility

With a new technology and an improved Internal Standing Wave design, the center of gravity can finally be moved where the tour players want it to be. This means there is an improved versatility with the center of gravity which acts to deliver one of the best experiences of true hybrids.

With a range of options from the affordable to the premium design, the Callaway Apex Hybrids deliver a much needed complete series of hybrids. Using some of the technologies known in irons, the hybrids combine other popular features from the manufacturer to deliver one of the simplest and yet most effective alternatives for tour-level play.

The unmatched control of the series is the main strength of the hybrids. As any similar design, the series comes with an innovative approach which can only be truly highlighted by the advanced player. With a forged cup design, those coming from traditional irons will see the most benefit to the short learning curve. With maximum precision even with off-center hits, you will want to see the improved center of gravity working towards your advantage and bringing better results. This will soon put you in the position where you can always maximize the speed of your hits.


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