Callaway XR OS Hybrids Review

The Callaway XR OS Hybrids are made or extreme forgiveness, making them the right option for the less experienced player who wants to see better results on the course. Callaway`s series offers a higher launch position and a true quality face cup which is made for performance. The Hyper Speed Face Cup technology can be considered among the top designs in the industry and it offers a good alternative for those looking only for the most forgiving hybrids.

Good forgiveness with added versatility

Callaway made some changed with the technologies which allowed them to offer the improved forgiveness and added versatility. The clubhead is larger with a bigger impact area which protects those looking for the extra forgiveness.

Added distance

The redesigned face cup offers a better performance for players who need the extra distance coverage. With higher ball speeds, you will be glad to know that the hybrids perform well even with off-center hits. But since you will be dealing with such high speeds, you will need to find the right balance between mastering the hybrids and working on your personal style which can have a huge impact. This is especially true with the higher speeds.

The newer technology is perfect to increase the speed response across the face. With more forgiveness and improved versatility, the hybrids prove to be a solid alternative for those looking for performance with off-center hits.

With a higher launching position and a higher moment of inertia you can expect to cover longer speeds, even if only marginally better than what you can already perform. To see the most distance difference you will need to be as close as possible to the sweet-spot with every hit.

The clubhead needs to come with a good loft to maximize the results into a satisfying outcome. This is where the 40 to 70g options can represent a personal approach to result maximization. The speed, power and even stability of the head can be influenced by the best shafts and this is why you should experiment various options, especially with a hybrid.

Some other interesting technologies included in the series are based on the latest materials and the best designs. For example, the Exo-Cage technology offers some of the best performance in terms of forgiveness. This can be based on the triaxial carbon construction which minimizes the spin as much as possible. These features will, of course, be best suited for players who need constant high-speed hits.

The Callaway XR OS Hybrids offer some of the most popular technologies from Callaway but aimed at maximizing forgiveness. For this purpose, the manufacturer offers up to date designs and materials like the triaxial carbon which can limit the spin and improve the forgiveness. But the various shaft options are also made to improve speed and performance. Limiting the spin, the shafts can provide the perfect combination to the innovative clubhead design. If you`re looking to improve your results on the course with maximum forgiveness, the XR OS hybrids can represent the quality choice.


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