Srixon XXIO Prime Driver ReviewXXIO Prime Driver Review

Even though your golfing skills play a vital role in your success on the course, there is no harm in taking help from golf clubs to improve your game. With the right club in hand, even an average player can swing like a pro. Golf brands are investing huge sums in technology to design clubs that are more efficient and more effective.

The XXIO Prime Driver can improve the distance, direction, and flight of the ball with no or very little extra effort. Since its launch, some three years ago, XXIO has managed to win the hearts and minds of serious golfers.

The brand name, XXIO, is enough to attract golfers. It’s the biggest and most famous golf club brands in Japan. With new releases, the brand has also managed to extend its dominance in the US market as well. So, apart from the brand name and the loyalty that XXIO has created, what makes the XXIO Driver special? Let’s find out.

Lightweight SP-800 Shaft

One of the main features that gained the most attention from the golfers is the lightweight SP-800 Shaft. The faulty notion that heavy shaft translates to powerful swing is debunked by the XXIO Prime. The lightweight shaft ensures fast and powerful swing from the tee. Keep in mind, there is no give and take here, XXIO uses the stretch-fill material to make the shaft tip. The new material is both lightweight and strong. The strong and lightweight shaft is designed to deliver the result you want.

Not just the shaft, the makers have ensured the grip is equally strong and lightweight. As the saying goes, ‘it’s the sum of the parts that make up the whole’. By using lightweight parts, XXIO has ensured the overall weight of the driver is reduced.

A fast and rhythmic swing is every golfer’s dream. The Srixon XXIO Driver ensures you have the first part covered. Furthermore, fast drive results in lower swing moment of inertia. With the XXIO Prime in your hand, there is a higher chance of the golf ball hitting the sweet spot of the driver regularly. XXIO has used the same lightweight shaft technology in its utility clubs, irons, and fairway woods.

Deeper Center of Gravity 

XXIO has made all the necessary design changes to improve the launch angle of the driver. The driver’s head comes with a deeper center of gravity, but no change has been made to the height. Small changes such as a deeper center of gravity and shallow-back head shape help the players to hit the ball in the right direction, distance, and trajectory.

Better Repulsion Performance 

To ensure the driver has better repulsion performance, XXIO has increased the repulsion over the face and also made the area around the face thinner. To accommodate golfers of all skill levels, the makers have upped the sweet spot by 8%.

All these features make the Srixon Prime Driver a must have for every golfer.

The Key Specifications of Prime 

FlexSenior (R2), Regular (R), Stiff (S), Stiff Regular (SR)
ShaftXXIO Prime SP-800 (lightweight)
Swing WeightD1
Length45.75 inches
Head Size460cc
Lie Angle58 degrees
Loft Angle10.5 degrees, 11.5 degrees



XXIO Prime Driver Review
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