Odyssey O-Works Putter 

To a layman, golf may appear to be a very simple sport. All you need to do is strike a small ball hard enough to make it reach the next target, signified by a flag on a golf course. However, golf is certainly not as simple as you may think. It takes long hours of practice, dedication, stamina, agility, and much more to master the sport. Similarly, a golfer also needs various types of golf clubs in his bag to be able to strike a golf ball in any situation.  Here we talk about making the putts on the green with your Odyssey O Works putter.

Odyssey O Works Putter

If you take a closer look at a golfer’s bag, you will find that it contains one or more types of putters. These are a type of golf clubs with a comparatively smaller head. A putter is basically used by a golfer to make a golf ball travel a short distance with low speed. The primary intention of such strokes is to make the ball roll into a hole on a golf course from a very short distance. Amongst the various branded putters in the market, one of the popular types if the Odyssey O-Works Putter. It is designed with utmost care and confidence.


  1. With the help of O-Works Putter, you can expect an unmatched roll of the golf ball on a golf course. This is possible due to the use of Microhinge Face Insert technology. This new technology provides great top spins to a golf ball and also makes it roll upon impact with the putter irrespective of the type of stroke.
  2. The Odyssey O-Works also has an improved Versa Alignment Technology which helps golfers, thanks to the linear designs, get a better idea of the face angle from the time of impact until the time you actually strike the golf ball.
  3. The shapes of these putters are also Tour proven. These models have dominated various Tour event, as well as, several major golf championships for several years now. This putter is also the Number 1 putter in all the major tours.


  • The Microhinge Insert Technology is a cutting-edge technology, which is the leader in its field.
  • The O-Works provides great control to golfers and it also provides a solid and soft feel, which helps players play their shorts properly.
  • The designs of the are elegant and these look very classy and attractive.


  • The grip has a stitching on the back of the stock, which may not be to the liking of many golfers.

Just like it is very important to choose a driver, fairway woods, hybrids, and other types of golf clubs, it is also very important to take some time and choose the best putters to help you put the golf ball into a hole within a short distance. It may be a bit difficult for first timers to choose proper golf clubs on their own. In such cases, seeking help from an experienced golfer will be a good idea.


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