Volvik Vivid Crystal Golf Balls Review

The Volvik Vivid Crystal represents the world` first matt-finished golf ball. Its 3-piece design represent one of the best options for those with slower swing speeds. The balls offer a stable and smooth flight which comes with a highly durable design. The design is also perfect for those looking for softer options. If you need more control in the green, you may also want to consider the Crystal balls. The good news is that you can choose from different colors which include green, pink, orange and yellow. With any chosen color, you should be able to find the balls a bit easier than with other options on the market.


  • 3-piece design
  • Smooth flight
  • Durable design
  • Different color options


  • Stopping might be difficult


The balls come in a pack of 12 and you have the option to choose from a selection of colors. Although this will not influence performance, it can influence the ease with which you spot them both in the air and on the ground. In terms of performance innovation, the balls come as the first design for a dual core. This means the balls come with a harder inner and a softer outer layer for maximum responsiveness.

With a Zirconium cover, the balls manage to provide one of the most interesting experiences in terms of playability and durability. With a power core, a Bismuth mid-layer and a Zirconium outer cover, the balls come well equipped for optimum performance. A 3-piece design always has the potential of becoming interesting, but this time the balls not only offer a good experience but they actually bring in some much needed innovation.


The balls come in 4 true crystal-like colors and this might be one of the best features for players who take style into consideration. The good news is that the balls can be seen in any type of weather conditions. The players will be happy to know that the balls can keep a high visibility even during sunny days. But the colors are not too much to handle. In some situations, players have reported that they managed to intimidate players, at least at a surface level.

The design makes the balls rather oriented to the slower player who ranges around 60 to 80mph. While it is true they offer good playability to the quality of the materials, there is just not enough performance push indicators to recommend the balls for faster speeds.

The Volvik Vivid Crystal Golf Balls offer an interesting approach to design and performance. The balls come in various colors which makes them easy to distinguish against any background, even on hot summer days. They are not too overpowering though, allowing you to properly concentrate on the game. The 3-piece design offers a smooth flight and even a durable option for players looking for good long-term options. The only choice left is between the right colors which will work for you, as it may be the case with style-oriented players.


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