Big Bertha Fusion Driver Review

The Callaway Big Bertha Fusion Driver provide a tempting combination of forgiveness and distance. Since Callaway has been known for delivering balanced products, the Big Bertha Fusion Drivers are no exception. You will get all the upgrades you expect with the series. They involve getting the latest technologies in terms of cage design and carbon materials. The fans of the manufacturer will recognize these features under the Exo-Cage design and the triaxial carbon crown which play a major role in the final results of the playability and performance of the drivers.

Big Berta Fusion Driver Performance

You will want to consider the series especially due to its improved forgiveness. Some of the forgiveness is based on the aerospace research which made this possible by studying the air flow around the clubhead. With the titanium Exo-Cage you can expect a performance which is hard to compete with. It even comes with a unique sound which is clearly an added personal touch. With a very light triaxial carbon crown you will have to consider the forgiveness and spin is largely influenced by the very distinguishable results. Not only you`ll experience better performance, but it will prove to be substantially better.

The cage design is truly what makes these performance improvements such as speed and forgiveness possible. Without too many complicated additions, the cage manages to deliver an improved moment of inertia and faster aerodynamics. Although this was considered impossible just a few years ago, the new shape adds another level to the performance and it changes the sound to a more futuristic profile.

The head speed is thus considerably improved. It is usually not enough to change the design without the proper testing and seeing the result in the real world. Even more, manufacturers have to consider the needs and habits of most players. That`s why even a good design needs the right balance to prove its worth. This is where Callaway slightly outshined the competition by closely working with top professionals from the aeronautic industry. With the patented Speed Step, you will instantly recognize the drivers on the course. So they don`t sound and perform different but they also look different. Mainly based on the aerodynamic performance, the look of the drivers is influenced by the research which improves the constant performance at high speeds.

The Big Bertha Fusion Drivers offer one of the most balanced approaches to better forgiveness and distance. Unlike some other models from the competition, you will want to find the best solution which delivers a good overall performance and this might be hard to find. The faster a series is the more difficult it will be to control the spin and forgiveness. This is where Callaway has, once again, delivered an optimum result which is good enough even for the tour-level performers. With titanium and carbon materials and designs, the series represent a good choice for long term use. If you want to find the best combination of modern materials and design, the Fusion Drivers can represent a recommended choice.


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