How to Choose the Best Hybrid Golf Clubs

Hybrid Golf Clubs or rescue clubs can cover difficult distances between 150 yards and the 3-wood (13-15 degree loft). Over the years the design of hybrid golf clubs has dramatically changed. There now come with lighter and stronger materials, they are more responsive and most importantly, they are customizable.

The reason to choose a hybrid golf club

There are a few reasons which most golfers seem to appreciate to speak for using a hybrid golf club. The rescue clubs will show their true value where no other club can.

In fact, all you need to do is decide which irons you want to replace with the hybrid. The longest iron might be a good starting point. A 22 or 23 degree might be a good alternative. This don`t need to be complicated. All you need to do is look for the crucial features. These features include the shaft and its flex and length, lie angle, grip and decide between offset or no offset.

The essentials of any good hybrid

When looking for a good hybrid you should follow some basic elements. These will give you the true versatility and adjustability when choosing to replace your iron.


Lofts should be able to replicate the longer irons in your set. This is why you need to find similar options for a good replacement. But this is where the most rescues lie anyways. You can choose anything in between 18 and 27 degrees and even some mid irons.

Some new players might have a difficulty in understanding the system. For example 1n 18 degree iron will not produce the same results as a 20 degree iron. The construction and design of the head will allow for a greater distance when compared to a fairway wood.


The shaft length is also different with hybrids. The graphite shafts are used by all manufacturers to reduce weight and improve coverage. This change follows a simple principle. A short shaft will be easier to control and this is why so many players are performing well with the alternative design to their irons. The shaft should thus match the shaft of the replaced iron.


The loft is now easy to adjust. Players can have a limited but essential adjustment which ranges from 3 to 5 degrees.

The Role of the Hybrid Golf Clubs

A hybrid golf club or the rescue is a great choice for new players. It is important to know what you want to achieve with the club so it will become easier to make the right choice.


It will be clear that you need to know which type of irons you want to replace. Since you have your 14 options in your bag, it is crucial to know which type of hybrid can replace your old iron. You can also replace your fairway wood club. Many new players wonder if they can choose a rescue as a first option, without having tried the irons and the truth is that everything is possible in golf if you know what you want to achieve. This is where you will find that owning a few hybrids down the road is where you will eventually end up.

Loft angles is important

When replacing your old irons you need to be able to find a clear alternative in a hybrid. The oft angle can vary within the set range of up to 27 degrees and this is why so many golfers use a wide range of options to cover more angles.


Flex is often overlooked, especially by the inexperienced players. There are very good reasons to maintain the same flex as with your iron or wooden fairway. It will make the difference between a good shot and a great shot and so many players tend to overlook it and yet expect better results. Don`t let your accuracy suffer and choose a flex which is a fair replacement and which is already familiar to your hands.

Trying it out

You could try the rescues for yourself. Some shops let you do this. But you may also try the hybrids of your friends on the course to see what you can realistically expect. Other alternative would include joining golfing clubs which allow for equipment exchange. Make sure to check the local clubs online as you might be able to borrow a hybrid and asses it by yourself.

The designs which make the difference

As you may expect, the hybrid golf clubs are highly engineered. They place an important role on the design of the club head which, together with the shaft, create the ultimate experience in this limited and difficult range.

The speed pockets are now seen on many hybrids and they play a crucial role in the dynamics and speed of the clubs. The speed pockets have different name for different manufacturers, but they all serve the same role. This is why you will find different designs for the speed pockets. Some will be empty to facilitate airflow while other will be filled with polymer. Speed pockets also play a crucial role in reducing vibrations by directing airflow. The overall experience, playability and eventually speed, can all be influenced by these types of pockets which are present with all newer rescues.

Some newer designs also allow for better flexibility at the moment of impact. This give the ball extra speed, at least at the early stages of the shot. For the new player, these longer distances will mean better results when needed and can be a good building foundation to improving essential skills. With a 28 degree loft you can replace a 5 iron with better results both in terms of covered distance and in terms of forgiveness.

Top tips when buying a hybrid club

There are some tips which could help you make the right choice for your favorite hybrid clubs. The rescue clubs or utility clubs as they are also known by, are made every year by major manufacturers which offer some patented technologies.

Low profile

This is where all the manufactures try to bring innovation. A low profile design is essential to the moment of inertia and ease of play. When you align the shot you are in perfect position with a lower profile design.

Speed pockets

Speed pockets are a method in which manufacturers can control the experience of the shot. Increased flexion and forgiveness play an essential role in the performance of the hybrid. This means you would, theoretically, be able to cover more distance with fewer vibrations and a smoother overall experience.

Sweet spot size

The newer designs are all base on increasing the sweet spot size. Although many manufacturers have already reached their maximum potential, it seem the newer hybrids are made for a better sweet spot with an improve club head face which can act as a trampoline, at least at the early stages of the ball`s flight through the air.

Center of gravity adjustment

The new lower center of gravity is something many manufacturers advertise with every new release. But this is not entirely true for some models. In the end, it might be just a rearrangement of the weights inside the clubs which lead to a perception of a lower center of gravity. You need to make sure that there is good reason to upgrade if you`re already coming from a hybrid design.


This is one of the areas of hybrids which doesn’t get enough credit. Since there are new materials and composites used each year by the manufacturers in the industry, it is worth observing some of the hybrids are made for more forgiveness. This means you can expect better results with off-center hits. Of course there is a limit to how much a material can actually correct the ball`s flight, so this is why you need to practice your skills to improve with every swing and shot.

Thinner face design

Closely tied to the improve forgiveness, a thinner face design is actually beneficial in terms of weight and playability also. Since you might expect more forgiveness from a thinner design, you may also be tempted to consider it for its lower weight and aerodynamics. Your swings can be somewhat faster with a truly thinner design. And the best part is that it will also produce a new and more powerful design.


Spin control is getting increasingly difficult to improve. We have seen many top brands struggling to improve on this crucial aspect. In some regards, old-school players feel that even with older design with worse spin performance there is a consistency which might be lacking from the newer design. So while they might be better, they also need to be consistent in results. But this might be difficult to achieve with the marketed off-center hits. This is why you need to perfect your skills and tackle the problem at its route cause, as the influence from the spin control technologies needs to be kept at a minimum.

Head size

The size of the club head is among the top design features which influence the performance. There are various sizes available for all-level players. This is why you need to find the most versatile heads if you plan to replace a single iron. For example, a smaller head will give you more flexibility with the difficult shots.


You should always look at which materials are better suited for your specific angle. If you want a material which is light and powerful that is making waves at the moment you could go for something like graphite. Although the actual options are limited, in a few years` time experts predict there will be a shift in the industry to more efficient alternatives.

When choosing the right hybrid it might be a good option to start by writing down the irons you want to replace. As said before, the angles will not give you a similar alternative in a hybrid and this is why you need to take your time deciding upon the best choices for yourself.

Since you might be asking for advice in a dedicated store, it might be a good idea to try the rescues for yourself. Since the newer designs will be the most expensive, it is likely they will be the ones most recommended but also the most versatile. For example, if you want the maximum forgiveness level with off-center hits, you are most likely to choose a newer design which is made with the latest technologies. Some of the technologies which allow this upgrade is the thinner face of the club head together with the air pockets which so many manufacturers patent under different designs. You may also consider a shaft which is similar to the iron you are trying to replace and which will be more comfortable to your hands.

Ideally, you also want to look for hybrids with the lowest possible center of gravity. This is one of the features which get plenty of focus with every new upgrade and the last thing you want is to be a few generations behind when it comes to the center of gravity. A lower profile comes with the benefit of added flexibility and brings out some of the most versatile shots you can have.

But versatility can also be influenced by the size of the club head. When you look for a new hybrid you need to take into consideration that the bigger the club head the more difficult it will be to have a versatile rescue club. But it is also true they provide a nicer dedicated performance. For more versatility and maximum return on your investment you could go for a smaller club head which would prove beneficial, especially in the early stages of your learning curve in the sport.

Regardless on your choice, you should always keep in mind that some hybrids are among the clubs which still allow for innovation in a field where a new design is hard to see. So make sure to check the latest models to see which features can benefit your own playing style.


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