XXIO Forged Irons XXIO Forged Irons Review

Haven’t you heard of XXIO? Well, they are a household name in Japan and the brand, XXIO, is a rising star in the US market. Yes, they are new to the United States, but they are witnessing the tremendous response to their products. XXIO is owned by the same company that manages Srixon and Cleveland, which clearly shows they are in pretty good hands. If you’re looking to buy forged iron clubs, the XXIO Forged clubs are worthy of your attention.

Qualities that Attract Golfers to the XXIO Forged Irons


The XXIO Forged Irons stand out among clubs because of the construct, technology, and performance. When you hold the forged irons for the first time it’ll become amply clear why they are grabbing the attention of the golfers. The buttery-soft feel you experience holding the club is a big selling point for the XXIO brand.

It’s not that forged irons don’t have competition. A section of the golfing community still prefers cast iron clubs. Many brands are heavily involved in modernizing and improving the quality of cast irons. XXIO is holding its own in a very competitive market mainly because of its superior construct and quality.


As I mentioned earlier, the three popular brands – XXIO, Srixon, and Cleveland, are owned and managed by the same company. Because of this, XXIO gets to adopt the best practices and technologies of its sister brands. A good example is the use of VT Sole technology.

Use of the new VT Sole has improved the accuracy and minimized the turf resistance in the XXIO Forged Irons. Adoption the new sole technology has also improved consistency and increased the confidence of the players. The VT Sole improves shot dispersion and increases ball speeds. The XXIO Irons also smoothly slides through the turf because of the new sole design.

Incremental Benefit

Most brands claim their products can change the sport of golf. They promise the customers that their clubs can make professional golfers out of novices in just a day. The XXIO brand doesn’t make such tall claims. It delivers on its promise of incremental benefit.

In the XXIO Forged Irons, the manufacturer has affected a 20% expansion of the cavity leads. This seemingly small change to the design can help players attain faster ball speeds, even when the ball doesn’t find the center of the club.

Furthermore, the thin face design increases the sweet spot and offers greater forgiveness. Now, one off-the-center shot won’t ruin your overall performance.

Lightweight Shafts

The shafts of the XXIO Irons are equally good at helping the player attain maximum speed and distance with slow to moderate swing speeds. The lightweight design coupled with softer tip helps the golfers hit the ball higher and longer.

Two types of shafts are available for the XXIO Forged Irons. The N.S. Pro 930GH DST Steel Shafts are available in regular flex. This is the go-to choice for most traditionalists. The other type – the MX 6000 Graphite Shafts are lightweight shafts that offer more power. The graphite shaft is also available in regular flex.


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