Vice Tour Golf Balls Review

The Vice Tour Golf Balls come with a popular 3-piece design. The balls use the popular DuPont Surlyn construction and this is why they are considered to be increasingly durable. The top surface comes with 392 dimples which act to improve airflow and stability. They also act to offer a more constant ball flight which will prove useful with long shots where it might be difficult to maintain a straight line. Since the balls are so versatile, this recommends them for players of all levels. This includes the advanced players working on perfecting their skills and the new players just starting out.


  • 3-piece construction
  • DuPont Surlyn materials
  • Great for players of all levels
  • Increased number of dimples


  • Might not work for specialized needs


With a 3-piece design, the balls deliver improved results in terms of smoothness. The outer layers are now thinner which means there is more responsiveness of the core. So what does this mean for performance? Basically, it means that you can enjoy an improved speed with a lower spin.

The DuPont material choice comes in the second layer. Since this layer is also very thin, it is responsible for improving speed and balance. It comes to push the limits of what can be achieved in terms of distance.

Many players seem concerned about the materials and durability of the outer layer. But Vice did a good job at finding a plastic material and applying a hardening process which improves the overall durability and responsiveness. With such improved resistance, there is no reason to worry about long-term performance. The balls come with the ionically hardened plastic which means that you can enjoy them for longer.


The design of the balls also plays an important role in the performance. It seems that the increased number of dimples positively affects the trajectory and stability of the balls. With 392 dimples, the aerodynamics changes and improves the overall experience. Of course, this means the tee movement is also reduced. Side winds will have a smaller impact on the movement of the tee.

But the design of the balls continues innovation with the unique keep in line technology. Developed with golf professionals and players, the balls come with the Keep in Line putting line.

Vice Tour Golf Balls are geared for good overall performance. This is why they are considered a good option regardless of the skill level of the player. Since most players can play with a universal solution, the manufacturer included the 3-piece design which seems to be perfect in these situations.

With 2 thin layers and a more balanced core, the balls are now ready to help you achieve maximum results and improve the responsiveness, flight and personal distance. This is why you can consider the balls to work great, especially with the hardened outer layer. With 392 dimples, the aerodynamics involvement is greater and it will help you keep the balls in a straight line, even with some wind, for longer.


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