Vice Pro Soft Golf Balls Review

The Vice Pro Soft Golf Balls come with a 3-piece cast urethane cover.  The balls are made with an extra soft design using a low compression technology. The soft design is topped by the 336 dimples which will act to balance air flow.

In terms of outer coating, the balls come with a matter finish. This is based on the silicate particles and lacquer. Since you may be wondering on the type of finishing the balls come with, the clear lacquer is the perfect solution to allow the balls to maintain their matter finish.


  • 3 piece cast urethane finish
  • Extra soft and responsive
  • Made with low compression technology
  • Durable design
  • Matter finish


  • Light scuffing


The balls come with a 3 piece urethane cover. From the manufacturer`s perspective, the balls are recommended for players with medium clubhead speed that need that extra soft feel.

From the perspective of innovation, the balls can be considered true staple of the industry. They are the first matter finished balls with cast urethane. Although some players have been reporting light scuffing, the balls are still innovation-oriented and they represent a great option for the average player. If you`re looking for a soft performance and you come with average swings, you might be one of the best players to use the balls.

But the scuffing may be influenced by the very thin coating which was designed to improve adherence to the green. Even more, you can control the backspin of the S2TG technology. This offers a smooth experience that is hard to replicate and which most players will appreciate from the first day.

The second layer of the ball has a role of controlling the spin. It comes to balance the speed and length of the ball`s trajectory. This layer works great with the top cover and the inner layer of Maximum Energy Speed Core. But what is the secret behind the inners layer balance? The explanation might come with the reduced thickness of the outer layers of the balls.


With a UV finish, the balls are perfect for any conditions. They offer the matte finish coating which is perfect to locate the balls on the green. With anti-glare and improved visibility, the balls are better suited for sky discernibility in not very high contrast conditions.

Basically, the 3-layer design is the engineering that improved responsiveness of the balls. With good long-distance performance and a soft feel, the balls are a good option for most players.

The Vice Pro Soft Golf Balls combine a series of technologies to offer an improved experience. They use innovative technologies like the ones on the matte finishing and combine them with the 3-piece design which is so popular with the game. With so many options to choose from, you could select the balls based in their air performance and balanced backspin. The balls will work the best for enthusiast players with average speeds who are specifically looking for a top soft design experience.

Vice Pro Soft Golf Balls Review
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