XXIO Aero drive Golf Balls:

XXIO Aero drive Golf balls are super affordable highly featured golf balls, invented by the XXIO high tech digital simulation technology. Analyzing all the possible limitations and may-occur problems, an incredible technology has been developed called dual speed technology. This well researched technology deals with the most critical situation can occur in golf course. XXIO Aero Drive golf balls use the technology that maximizes the player’s rotation efficiency and offers more kinetic energy. Use of this technology enhances the most important factors like speed, distance, air resistance power, perfect flight balance.

XXIO Aero drive balls are usually invented for longer durability, incredibly large distance and super soft feeling. This revolutionary invention of XXIO technology introduces the following features.

  1. Surprising high rebound performance with 3-piece construction.
  2. Maximize flight distance with seamless high trajectory 324 aero dimple design.
  3. Outstanding accuracy and super soft feel with neo Energetic Gradient Growth core.
  4. Neo super thin metal mix soft mid layer for straighter shots.
  5. High resilient thin ionomer cover, which minimizes initial spin.

Construction of soft three-piece XXIO Aero drive golf balls:

XXIO technology has introduced 3-piece construction to aero drive golf balls that results high rebound performance.

  1. Seamless 324 aero dimple design technology:Seamless 324 aero dimple design reduces air resistance and maintain an appropriate flight balance. Configuration of these newly developed aero dimples result longer hitting trajectory that is favorable for strong windy condition. That is why dimples are designed with smooth enlarged surface for lowering the air resistance that maintains explosive velocity and larger distance.
  2. Ultra-thin, metal mix mid layer:XXIO Aero drive golf balls are made with soft thin metal mix soft mid layer, which deals with the straight distance. Density of the mid layer is high, so it delivers improved accuracy.
  3. Core:The interesting part of XXIO Aero drive golf balls is, it introduces largest core ever. With extra-large diameter and super soft neo Energetic Gradient Growth (E.G.G) core that can be launched with a super minimal spin. This high rebound core provides a great velocity without compromising the soft feel.
  4. Cover:XXIO Aero drive golf balls are covered with high resilient ionomer. The cover is hard and thin that provides optimal Moment of Inertia (MOI) for longer distance. The cover is made with high-density powder that lowers the initial spin of the ball.

The ultra-featured XXIO Aero drive balls are available in two colors- white and yellow. Besides of wrapped up with ultra-modern technologies, these balls are excellent in appearance too. These high trajectories aero balls with five star rating is definitely worth the purchase. With all ultra-modern features, XXIO Aero drive balls meet optimal aerodynamic performances with much softer feelings.
As a complete package of all essential features, aero drive balls is surely a smart choice for the golfers who demand ultimate performance. By far customized invention of this Japanese technology has gained many followers from the corners of the world because of its trustworthy service.

XXIO Aero drive Golf Balls
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