Vice Drive Golf Balls Review

The Vice Drive Golf Balls come with a 2-piece construction which includes the DuPont outer cover. This means the core has to be very strong and this is what Vice did with the Drive designs. The core is cut-through resistant and has a long roll with a slightly softer feel. The balls come with 368 dimples to improve aerodynamics and sideways movements. The dimples play an important role in balancing the ball immediately after the shot is made. But even on the green, the dimple design ensures maximum roll for maximized performance.


  • 2-piece design
  • 368 dimples for optimum balance
  • Good responsiveness in the air and on the green


  • Not for fast swings


The balls seem to work best for low to medium swing speeds. Since the 2-piece design is not aimed at every type of player you may want to keep a reduced clubhead speed to see an optimal performance. Players will also get a soft core which proves its characteristics at two crucial moments. The moments include the impact with the clubhead and the contact with the green. This is where the soft core works well with the dimple design which is made for maximizing the roll.

As you may have anticipated, the outer core comes with the durable DuPont technology. The Surlyn material is great for impacts at high speeds. This is not to say that the balls are made for high speeds necessarily, but that they have an increased durability, regardless of the type of clubhead face you use. Surlyn has been used by many manufacturers and it comes to prove its playability yet again. It seems that it would be practically impossible for any cuts to appear with the balls.


The 2-piece design is quite unique. It manages to offer a personal experience which is harder to achieve with 3 and 4 layers design. This means that the balls offer a thin outer layer with a stronger yet softer core.

The outer layer comes with 369 symmetrical dimples which prove to be very interesting. They play an important role in aerodynamics both at the beginning of the shots and when they hit the green. With so many dimple designs, it might be difficult to find the best number for performance. But most players seem to enjoy this design which comes with an extended roll phase.

The balls have been made with advice from professionals. And this can be seen with the Keep in Line technology. The putting line is now extra-long and highly visible, which is the results of thorough research and collaborations.

The Vice Drive Golf Balls offer one of the most interesting experiences a golfer can have. With a simple 2-piece design and advanced technologies such as DuPont with Surlyn, the balls offer good playability especially when you need it the most. Of course, they are rather specialized, which means they’ll work best with lower clubhead speeds. If you have a low or medium speed, you will be one of the most content users.


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