Vice Pro Golf Balls Review

The Vice Pro Golf Balls come with a 3-piece construction. The balls are balanced using the High Energy Speed Core technology used for the inner layer. On the outer layer, the ball comes with 318 dimples which can stabilize the airflow and trajectory.

The balls` design means they are optimized for performance and especially distance. As you would expect from the manufacturer, they have good adherence on the green but can also be spotted in the sky.  With control spin rates and deceleration, the urethane balls prove to be one of the simplest solutions for distance.


  • 3 piece urethane cover
  • 318 dimples design
  • Optimized for distance
  • Balance of unnecessary spin


  • No additional colors


With cast urethane construction, the Vice Pro Golf Balls balance softness and resistance for the ultimate experience. It is no wonder they are recommended by so many players of all levels. The thin layers offer a superior performance to what you can find from the competitors with a smooth overall experience. Although the layers are very thin, the balls hold out very well. With the complex manufacturing process that goes into cast urethane, the balls ae recognized for the reaction on the green where they stick to naturally.

The core of the balls is larger due to the reduced thickness of the outer layers. It comes with the High Energy Speed Core technology which has become a staple of the manufacturer. The technology allows for improved impact responsiveness. The balls absorb shocks better. With the right technique, this can lead to improved speeds, which is a good reason for seasoned players to upgrade.

The second layer of the balls comes with the popular DuPont Surlyn construction. This balances unnecessary spin and improves the responsiveness of the balls. You can thus expect better speeds, in-air stability and even improved length.


With an interesting 3-piece design, the balls offer a soft cast urethane cover. The properties of the materials really recommend it for the design of the outer layer. Cast urethane is very soft. But at the same time, the material keeps its resistance which recommends it as one of the best options for golf balls. Of course, the material comes with a high backspin and UV protection. In theory, this should mean the balls come with improved durability and playability.

The Vice Pro Golf Balls are among the best choices for their construction and design. The specific construction recommends them for advanced players with a high or medium to high swing speed. With an excellent and fast core and thin outer layers, the balls represent one of the simplest and most effective cast urethane options. This means the balls are also optimized for distance performance. Players who wish to improve the covered distance and already have a solid technique or at least at experienced starting point, would benefit the most from these balls. With a balanced spin, the balls represent a good solution for those who want larger dimple design as well.


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