TaylorMade Spider Tour Putters Review

TaylorMade’s Spider Tour Putters come with the newest design which features three attractive colors. You can choose from red, black and platinum design to suit your personal preferences. The technologies in the putters are as good, if not better than expected. You can see the higher moment of inertia improves the forgiveness and stability, making the putters a better approach to those with less experience.

Spider Tour Red

You can expect tour level performance with the TaylorMade Spider Tour Red. Made for Jason Day standards, the putter comes with improved stability. This is based on the perimeter weighing which is capable of evenly distributing the weight and also centering it in the important areas to improve the moment of inertia. It seems the Spider Tour Red is inclined to confidence-boosting play which will prove perfect for most players.

With a 45° grooves for Jason Day, the Spider Tour Red increases top spin due to the softer construction. Of course, this leads to more forward roll and can improve your long distance efforts.

Spider Tour Black

With an attractive modern design used by Dustin Johnson, the Spider Tour Black is made for a lasting visual impression. With all black design, you will certainly make a statement of style with the putter. But the performance isn`t bad either. You can expect more top spin and thus more forward roll on varied surfaces. With a softer polymer construction, you can expect better results in terms of premium roll requirements.

Spider Tour Platinum

With a single sightline, the Spider Tour Premium is made for the design-conscious player looking for more forward roll. The weighing design is face-centered which give the roll the improved precision so many players need at this level. Of course, this improves the opportunities for every putt to close the hole. The chrome finish that comes with the Spider Tour Platinum makes you stand out and make a statement on performance and design and how a top player can balance both of these areas.

With a higher moment of inertia, the TaylorMade Spider Tour Putters offer more forgiveness and stability at a level where even a small percentage improvement can make the difference. Even more, you can expect better vibration control with the foam inserts for a consistent playability and sound.

With solid grips which vary from Winn Medalist Pistol to Super Stroke Pistol GT 2.0, you can expect an improved experience at tour level. The putters are used by some of the best players which say a lot about the quality of the manufacturing. TaylorMade has proven again that even small improvements are worth to upgrade for.

But one of the most interesting aspects comes with the color range which is made to suit all types of players. From the striking red to the elegant black and futuristic chrome, the offered colors can be a great addition for most types of players. With shaft options which include all-black colors and double bend steel, you can rest assured the putters are truly made for performance and style.


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