Callaway 200 Laser Rangefinder Review

The Callaway 200 laser rangefinder comes in a small design which is capable of reaching distances of up to 800 yards. The compact rangefinder only measures 3.9oz making it one of the lightest options on the market. The ultra-compact rangefinder can scan the landscape for multiple targets and deliver the data both in meters and yards making it a light alternative for international players. The device also comes with the Pin Acquisition Technology which saw Callaway become one of the most popular manufacturers for locating and locking the target.


  • Ultra-compact design
  • Multiple-target scanning
  • 1-yard accuracy
  • 3.9oz weight


  • No slope measurement


The compact device manages to offer a good overall performance. With a range of 800 yards, it manages to provide enough power from a 3.9oz device.

The Pin Acquisition Technology can be used up to 275 yards away. This technology will allow the player to locate and lock the pin and approach the green. With 6X magnification and 1-yard accuracy there is enough performance from the compact rangefinder to be recommended even for some advanced users. But the features are most likely to be best suited for the average player who doesn`t need the slope compensation technology. This technology is indeed not including in the Callaway 200 but it does make the device USGA abiding.


The rangefinder comes with one of the most compact designs on the market. The device uses LCD display technology for easy to read data. The sealing on the rangefinder also keeps water away from the technologies which make it a unique device which is small but powerful to resist for years to come in any weather conditions. The compact (3.74″ x 2.8″ x 1.57″) device is one of the lightest options which include these technologies from Callaway. For a complete approach on Callaway`s technologies, golfers would have to choose the advanced 300 or 300 Pro laser rangefinders.

The Callaway 200 laser rangefinder is one of the lightest devices from the manufacturer. It manages to cover a distance of up to 800 yards. This is just 200 yards less than the top models from the manufacturer. It places the device as the ideal rangefinder for the average players which might get some of the technologies advanced players might use such as the 1-yard accuracy which is constant throughout Callaway`s range.

With a weight of just 3.9oz, the rangefinder is a solution for players looking for a lighter alternative. Since Callaway`s top performing rangefinders come with double the weight, it might be a good choice even for advanced players as a second rangefinder. Since traveling players might also have some weight restrictions on the bags, the rangefinder can represent an option even for the advanced player on the go.

The Callaway 200 golf rangefinder is among the simplest ultra-compact devices on the market. While it doesn`t come with the slope measurement function it uses the pin seeker and the multiple targets scanning functions which are enough for the average player.


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