Callaway 300 PRO Laser Rangefinder Review

The Callaway 300 laser rangefinder is among the most powerful devices on the market. Callaway’s product comes with a range of up to 1,000 yards and is packed with some of the most popular technologies at this moment. Since it is orientated towards the advanced player, it comes with some advanced features also. These features include the Scan Mode, slope measurement, alerts and pin lock technologies. These features make it one of the most advanced devices on the market which has the ability to offer everything an advanced golfer might need.


  • Slope measurement
  • 1,000 yards range
  • 1-yard accuracy
  • Water proof design
  • Pink lock alert


  • No additional languages


The rangefinder is one of the most complex products on the market. It comes with the most advanced technologies which have made Callaway one of the most respected manufacturers in the golfing industry.

The technologies include slope measurement. The function is a great addition for players who need a precise approach on uneven terrains. It will give them the chance to get a reading on the distance of inclined and declined surfaces.

The Pin Acquisition Technology can lock the pin from 300 yards. This useful technology has been used by the rangefinder manufacturers in their latest lines and Callaway has integrated it into the 300 PRO.

This technology will work within1-yard accuracy. This places the rangefinder among the top products on the market and among the best for long-range designs.

The rangefinder can work for international players also. It has the ability to switch between yards or meters in reading which means it can also be a good choice for traveling players.


The rangefinder comes with a simple yet modern design. The design is grip-oriented but Callaway made an effort to secure the device against water and fog. It may thus be used in all weather conditions making it one of the top rangefinders both in terms of performance and design.

With 6X magnification and a weight of just over 7oz, the device is among the complete choices on the market. Its compact size of just over 4 inches gives it even more appeal to the advanced players who prefers to travel light.

The Callaway 300 PRO laser rangefinder is one of the most complex compact choices on the market. Since it uses Callaway`s most popular technologies it is a good option for the dedicated player which needs maximum versatility in a compact design. With waterproof construction, the device comes as a good choice for these types of players.

New players might find it confusing to go through the learning curve of dealing with all the technologies. This is why the device can be of more use to players who already know what they want from their rangefinder. But some functions such as the “Birdie” will be of more use to the less skilled players which need the alert when the flag is locked. Whichever your skill level, there is no wrong choice with the 300 PRO.

Callaway 300 PRO Laser Rangefinder Review
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