Vice Pro Plus Golf Balls Review

The Vice Pro Plus Golf Balls come with a 4 piece construction with cast urethane. The dimple numbers have also increased from the alternative models in the series to 336. The materials prove to be a good choice in terms of maximizing distance efforts. It is also noted that the materials offer a lower ball flight. Although this might not be the best playability for all users, it represents a technique which needs to be truly mastered to see any improvement in the results.


  • Optimized for increased distance
  • 4-piece construction
  • Improved green adherence
  • Lower launch
  • Lower spin
  • Lower flight


  • Construction favors advanced players


The Vice Pro Plus balls come with a cast urethane cover. The balls come with nearly half the thickness of DuPont designs which means they will be geared towards more distance. Even more, players can enjoy a smooth playability with consistent adherence to the green. Many players seem to debate the thin cover is not really the best choice for performance. But Vice made a great effort to ensure the durability is at the same level or higher compared to other urethane balls.

Of course, this means the balls are made for performance and the best players. This finds the balls made for the ultimate control. You can even expect high spin combined with a soft feel.


In terms of design, the balls are treated with UV protection. This is because with time, balls can get quite yellow. In time, this can lead to problems on finding the balls but the manufacturer managed to create a special blend with the cast urethane which keeps the balls white for longer.

With a strong micromolecular material, cast urethane represents one of the best options for soft and resistant balls. Even more, it gives them the increased backspin which can be controlled. The outer casing is made using DuPont materials with advanced ionomer technology. Thus, short shots will come with a higher spin. Longer irons will work for faster speeds.

The Vice Pro Plus Golf Balls come with 4 layers and are truly made for versatility and playability for the advanced users. Since the outer layers are very thin, this allowed for a maximization of the core. This in turn improves shock absorption during impact. With longer irons or woods you can thus expect faster speeds at a lower height.

There are also more dimples on the balls than you might expect. The design covers 336 dimples which are made for improved flight performance. You can thus have a more stable result which is best seen when you try long shots and try to keep a straight result. The results are improved even against the wind due to the dimple design and the thin outer layers of the ball. With a stronger and bigger core, the ball manages to maintain a better trajectory in windy conditions. The manufacturer recommends the balls for advanced players and thus you should have at least decent speed skills to maximize the results.


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