Find Out About the Best Golf Clubs for Beginners

Gone are the days when golf was considered to be a sport meant only for the elite class. In this modern era you will find many people, from different classes of society, showing interest in golf. Golf no longer requires just a few clubs and a few balls. You need the correct set of golf clubs, suitable golf balls, a rangefinder, proper golf shoes, and many more. It has become a highly popular sport for people from both genders, as a result of which, you will find several brands of golf clubs and golf balls available in the market.

If you are a beginner, then choosing the right set of golf clubs may seem like an uphill task. In order to make things simpler for yourself, you need to know the basics of golf clubs and how to go about choosing the right set. It is needless to say that the beginner golf clubs for females differ from those for males by a great margin.

Some Common Questions Answered

If you are just starting out, it is very common for you to have a bag full of questions in your mind. In order to help you get your doubts cleared, some of the most commonly found questions related to certain topics are answered below.

  1. Number of Clubs for Beginners: Most of you may wonder about the number of clubs you may need on a golf course for beginners. Well, for starters, it would be better off not to carry the entire set of fourteen (14) golf clubs on a golf course. Somewhere around 9 or 10 clubs should be appropriate for beginners. This will make club selection simpler.
  2. Price of Golf Clubs: Many of you may think or may have heard that golf costs a lot of money to play and the equipment is expensive as well. Well, the truth is that, it’s only expensive if you make it expensive. You will definitely come across golf clubs, which are especially designed for professionals. For beginners, you do not need such high-end clubs. The best bet is to opt for cheaper, yet good quality, counterparts of the costly golf clubs.
  3. Golf Club Maintenance: A lot of questions are heard concerning the maintenance of golf clubs. It is needless to say that golf clubs need maintenance if you wish to make them last for a long time. After every couple of rounds, it will be better for you to clean the clubs. Get rid of mud, moisture, and sand from the clubs with the help of a dry towel.
  4. Selecting the Right Club for Shot Making: The best way to choose the right club for a specific shot is by the test and retest method. Pay special attention to the effects of hitting the same shot with different clubs. As you play more and more, it will become very simple to choose the right club to hit a specific type of shot.

Tips to Help You Choose the Right Set of Golf Clubs for Beginners

As a beginner, you may find it utterly confusing to choose the right set of golf clubs to play golf. There are certain factors to consider when it comes to choosing such golf clubs. Some of these factors have been discussed below for your knowledge.

  1. Find out about Your Interest Level in the Sport, Dedication, and Goals: This is probably one of the top things to consider and figure out. Are you just going to learn golf to play with your friends during the weekends or are you willing to put the time in 3-4 times every week so you can enter the professional club as soon as possible? Are you planning to learn the art of playing golf under proper guidance or are you planning to learn it on your own? If you want to learn golf just to have some fun time with friends on weekends, then choosing the clubs meant for beginners will be a good bet. These are comparatively cheaper and provide optimum performance on a golf course. However, if you are planning to make golf as your career, then it would make sense for you to invest a bit more and buy the best quality golf clubs for beginners.
  2. New Sets of Golf Clubs or Pre-Used Ones: Are you still a bit confused about your level of dedication towards golf? Then opting for a pre-used set of golf clubs will be a good idea. Apart from being cheap, these clubs will also assist you in understanding your specific needs when it comes to golf equipment. When you understand your needs, you will be in a better spot to choose the best golf clubs in the market for beginners.
  3. Complete Set or Individual Golf Clubs: As a beginner, it is generally recommended to opt for a complete beginner set of golf clubs as opposed to selecting individual clubs. There are several reasons to back this decision. If you buy golf clubs in a set it will be much cheaper for you. Additionally, if you opt for individual clubs, the feel, weight, balance and grip most likely will not be the same. However, if you opt for a set then the feel and grip of all the clubs will be the same. For any beginner, the feel and grip of golf clubs make a big difference.
  4. Personal Budget: Your personal budget is largely dependent upon your interest in the sport. For casual golfers, opting for cheap golf clubs will be a good idea. On the other hand, if you are planning to become a professional golfer in the future, then choosing one of the top golf clubs for beginners will be a suitable thing to do. These will aid in improving your game and also be much more durable than their cheap counterparts.
  5. Have A Clear Concept About Your Set of Golf Clubs: The first step towards improving your game of golf, you have to understand the different components of a golf club set meant for beginners. In order to go about understanding the different components, you may seek help from experienced golfers or coaches.
  6. Understand Your Different Clubs: There are different types of golf clubs in the market. Some are made of wood (old-school), some are made of iron, and some are made of a hybrid material, which lies in-between the wood and iron. Iron clubs are too heavy to swing and may prove to be difficult to use for beginners. Wooden ones are the toughest ones to use for beginners. However, hybrid ones are the simplest ones to use. These are comparatively newer inventions and provide as optimal swing. This may prove to be highly beneficial for beginners.
  7. Clearing Your Perspective of Shaft Options: The makeup of the shaft of a golf club comes in 2 basic options, steel and graphite. Along with shaft flex, the shaft makeup forms the 2 basic factors for any golfer to consider when it comes to choosing golf clubs. For beginners or anyone just starting out, graphite shafts are the ones to go with and are highly recommended, since these are more durable and light weight. Steel ones are heavier and may pose a threat for beginners when it comes to the swing. However, graphite clubs are costlier than the steel ones.
  8. Club Fitting: Different golfers have different physical specifications. Some are taller and bigger than others. Thus, if the golf clubs are not specifically designed to suit the needs of different golfers, then golfers will find it difficult to use such clubs. The best solution to this problem is to opt for custom club fitting. This enables the clubs to suit the natural height, swing features, and strength of individual golfers. This can help a beginner perform better on a golf course.

Some of the Best Golf Clubs for Beginners

As a beginner in the world of golf, if you could get some help in choosing the best golf club sets for beginners, then it can be a big help for you. However, getting such help may be a bit difficult. There is nothing to worry about in such matters. Here are some of the best golf club sets for beginners.

  1. Callaway Men’s Strata Complete Golf Club Set: This set of golf clubs have been designed in such a way that these provide maximum performance on a golf course and also boost the self-confidence of any beginner in the golf arena. This product is suitable for beginners and seasoned players alike and it has been designed to provide the best of both the worlds to a golfer. The set includes a titanium composite forged driver, 5 hybrid, 3 wood, 4 irons, a pitching wedge, and a mallet putter. This makes it one of the most comprehensive kit for any golf beginner. The weight of the entire set of golf clubs is merely 12 pounds.
  2. Wilson Men’s Ultra Complete Package of Golf Set: This set of golf clubs is aptly suited for beginners and intermediate level golfers alike. When it comes to a novice golfer, it is very common to find his clubs facing great deal of torture and abuse. This product can withstand any deal of abuse with ease. The clubs are good for golfers with a maximum height of 6 feet 2 inches.
  3. Callaway Men’s Strata Ultimate Complete Golf Set: This golf club set comprises of 18 different clubs and is suitable for beginners in the golfing world. If you are determined to make golf as your career, then buying this set of golf clubs makes sense. It is quite expensive and made with good quality materials. It is highly durable in nature and provides an ideal combination of forgiveness and distance. This is what makes it best for beginners with a steady vision of becoming a professional golfer.
  4. Confidence Golf Men’s Power Hybrid Club Set: Another golf club set for would be golfers is the Confidence Golf Men’s Power Hybrid Club Set. This product is especially meant for those beginners, who have a tight budget and cannot afford a costly set. You may expect great forgiveness and control with this set of golf clubs. It is one of the cheapest starter kit for beginners and in spite of the low price, it does not compromise on its quality. This product comes with a set of 9 different golf clubs and is a great one for would be golfers, who are just trying to learn the sport to have some great time with friends on weekends.

Golf clubs are available both at physical stores and online shopping sites. You may often find it rather tempting to buy golf club kits online due to the various offers and deals. However, for a beginner, who has just stepped in the world of golf, it is always better to try and test a few golf clubs before choosing the final set. This will help you gauge the feel and grip of the clubs and also check and see whether the swing is satisfactory or you need to look for better options. To a layman, choosing a suitable set of golf clubs may seem like a very simple task. However, in reality, it is not so simple at all. You need to take some time and try out various models before you can choose the final one. If you know anybody, who has been in the golfing arena for a long time, then you may go ahead and try his golf clubs. Get an idea about the feel and grip before you venture out to find the right one for yourself. Since golf club sets come at a price, it is always better to take some time and try out various options before you make the ultimate choice. This will help you a lot in choosing the best fitted golf club sets as per your budget, strength, height, and many more features. As discussed above, if you are not too serious about your golfing career, then it makes no sense to opt for a costly set of golf clubs. Cheaper and pre-used ones will be the best options for you.


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