Srixon Q Star Tour Golf Balls

To take the tour performance further, Srixon has designed a Q star tour premium ball for the golfers with moderate swing speeds. Srixon has shifted their focus to the average golfers who demand project performance and smooth feel and innovated Q star tour golf balls that provide tour performances.

The Q star tour balls are specifically designed with low compression 3 piece design that offers feel of a tour ball. The best part of Srixon Q Star Tour balls are entry of new urethane cover. Specialty of these covers are that they produce very close to the spin for the average golfers.

Features of Srixon Q star tour golf balls:

  1. These balls are easier to compress for maximum distance coverage and optimum accuracy in all shots.
  2. Ultimate tour performance with extra soft feels and perfect control.
  3. Accurate flight balance for longer distance with perfect control.
  4. Introduction of new urethane cover that reduces sidespin.
  5. Longer durability with proper flight performance even in windy condition.
  6. A pocket friendly ball with lowest price for the golfers with average swing speed.

The 3 piece designed with urethane cover Srixon Q star balls are result of optimum research and specialization of golf technology.

Construction of Srixon Q star tour golf balls:

  1. Lower compression Energetic Gradient Growth core:The Q star tour balls are designed with lower compression up to 75 to perform longer shots with ultimate accuracy. The Energetic Gradient Growth core that feels softest from the inside while firmest in the outside. The lower compression core helps the balls to produce more velocity with enhanced initial launched condition.
  2. Urethane cover and spin skin coating:Urethane cover is the best and newest part of Srixon Q star tour golf balls technology. This special kind of cover gives maximum performance to the golfers with moderate swing speed without compromising on the soft feel. Srixon spin skin coating also develops more greenside spin control with increasing friction.
  3. Dimple pattern for speed (324):Srixon Q star tour golf balls are designed with 324-speed dimple pattern that provide low drag co-efficient. With minimal effect on hooks and slices, these balls provide a surprising distance with optimal accuracy. The speed dimple design enhances flight performance even in challenging weather condition.

These five star rated balls are available in pure white color that provides an attractive appearance. The most magnetic innovation of Srixon Q star golf balls are ultra-worthy spin. Each dollar gives a perfect spin and ultimate control. Srixon Q star tour balls are pocket friendly with all-important features. Q star tour balls are incredibly perfect for the golfers with moderate swing speed. By far, users appreciate the tremendous iron distance and optimum green side control delivered by these balls only at few dollars.

Srixon Q star tour balls are highly recommendable as it provides more features than most of the expensive balls in the market. With deep research and creative design Srixon Q star tour golfs totally deserve a five star hit.



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