Srixon Q Star Golf Balls

Focusing on the keyword “balance”, Srixon has introduced another series of golf balls that totally aims at better performance with desirable balance. The new Srixon Q Star series of golf balls with 2-piece technology provides the similar features like other models of Srixon. The Q star golf balls provide the perfect spin control around the greens along with premium soft feel. With added durability, the Q star golf balls are available in two colors: bright white and tour yellow. The appearance of these balls are quiet attractive.

Features of Srixon Q star golf balls:

  1. Lower compression core that provides minimal spin for a great distance.
  2. Powerful trajectory and maximum acceleration that meets ultimate performance.
  3. Well maintained greenside performance with advanced Energetic Gradient Growth core.
  4. Perfect control on distance and dispersion with 324 advanced aerodynamic dimple pattern.

These balls are actually designed for the players who want an all ability ball with high-class performance.

Construction of Srixon Q star golf balls:

  1. Lower compression Energetic Gradient Growth core:Srixon Q star golf balls introduce Energetic Gradient Growth core that provide softer feel, great distance and appropriate flight balance.
  2. Spin skin coating:The use of new third generation spin skin coating aims at producing high friction impact. The friction increases along with the increasing spin. The developed friction provides ultimate spin control under any rough circumstances.
  3. New 338 speed dimple pattern:Srixon Q star golf balls are incorporated with aerodynamic 338-speed dimple pattern. The dimple configuration of these balls reduce drag forces that provide consistent trajectory, a proper control even in a large distance in every shot. New 338-speed aerodynamic dimple design pattern allows a straight shot and ultimate control in a critical windy situation too.
  4. Ionomer cover design technology:Srixon Q star golf ball series carries similar cover technology of ultimate Z star series of golf balls. Ionomer cover provides a long distance full shots and a STAR performance in golf course. Utilization of ionomer cover design technology influences golfer’s efficiency and rises it to maximum level.

Srixon Q star golf balls are specifically designed for the golfers those need a quality of performance in a more durable design. Players who need a complete package of distance, durability and marginal green side performance, must go for Q star golf balls. These balls offer swing speed of 75 mph and a well responsive performance. These excellent featured balls are available at a very cheap price. The Q star balls are very affordable that feels great around the green. The S.T.A.R performance balls are definitely worth the purchase.

This ultimate innovation of Srixon brand is highly recommended by many users from all over the world. A ball that offers royal feel with maximum distance aggressive flight, certainly perfect for golfers with slow swing. Ultimate invention of Srixon Q star golf balls are giving a tough competition to the expensive ultra tech balls in the market. Now one can have good distance, good feel and minimum cost all in one ball.



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