How to Buy the Best Golf Drivers

The Best Golf Drivers can cover longer distances due to their design. Drivers come with a large head and a long shaft. The lightweight but strong construction recommends drivers for the best results in terms of distance. New players might find themselves confused on the role of the driver, but most products offer a modern design which is easy to use one you get used to the unusual shape to the traditional golf clubs.

It may seem that many new players can struggle to find the right technique to master a modern driver. The truth is that they do come with a certain learning curve, but once you get use to them, you`ll never look back.

Shaft flex

This is one of the crucial elements when buying the best golf drivers for you. Since there might be a lot of confusing advice on the topic, many newer players will struggle to find the best choice for their particular playing style and needs.

Newer players think that a light swing requires a more flexible shaft while a harder swing requires a stiffer shaft. In many situations, this is not the case. The results will largely depend on your technique. For example, if you`re looking to hit a ball with reduced backspin which can dive from the air, you might be well paired with a softer shaft. If you have a smoother swing rhythm you may find the softer shaft plays to your advantage. If, however, you like more backspin and are looking to launch the ball into the air you could be well served by a stiffer shaft.

A simpler general rule would be to follow this approach for a softer shaft if you have a softer swing. However, the reality of competitive golfing might be more complex and you would have to experiment with various shafts beyond a certain level.

But shafts can also be differentiated according to the price range. The lower, entry-level shafts will be affordable to most players but they won’t deliver as much precision as the premium versions. Then it has to be said that if you look to choose between various brands and if you follow strict characteristics you won’t see much difference in the final results. Sure, some manufacturers offer little tweaks but generally speaking, the average player will not see a significant difference with the same characteristics shafts from different manufacturers.

So what is the takeaway conclusion? It is as simple as using progression to find the best shaft. At the beginning, you don`t need the most expensive shaft to improve your game. You will need a good shaft which will allow you to work on developing the much needed skills.

Heavier shafts are indeed made for performance. But their performance can`t really be achieved unless you are a professional golfer hitting over 120m/h.


A longer driver will mean you`ll have the ability to hit longer shots. You will be however required to focus on hitting with the sweet spot more. So if you can use a longer shaft while keeping the shot straight, you are the player meant to use the longer drivers.

This is where you need to find the right balance between the extra speed of the swing with the longer shaft and the proper hitting technique of the sweet spot which delivers optimum results. A simple rule to follow with length is to try different options and see which one allows you to hit faster while still keeping the ball straight and in your control towards the sweet spot on the club head.


The loft plays an important role in the performance of the driver. Players should be encouraged to look for the highest loft with the lowest spin rate. This is where advanced players might focus heavily. As you would expect from a speed of 120m/h, the spin needs to be as controlled as possible.

A simple general rule to follow with a fast swing is to expect a lower loft to deliver optimal results. There is a balance to spin which you need to take into consideration because if you fail to generate enough spin the ball will not have a smooth trajectory penetrating the wind and will fall from its highest point without creating the oval shape you are actually looking for.

Club Head

The simple science of club heads has evolved over the past years. Ideally, you want a bigger club head which will allow you to play a bigger hitting surface. But the advantages of bigger club heads don`t stop here. You may also consider a larger design to its responsiveness and especially the reduced spin when you hit the ball. This is important for all players, as the harder you will hit the ball the more the driver will tend to spin sideways.

Modern designs allow the club head to be tweaked according to your needs. Most manufacturers move the weight around the head of the driver to deliver a custom result. There are some manufacturers that even use adjustable weight and the players can move them around the club head according to their needs.

Eventually you will learn how to control ball spin with the club head. Ideally, you want to be able to try different designs to see what works best for your style. If you don`t have the chance to try different club heads, you should consider that the best spin control is possible with the sweet spot hits. This is why many manufacturers either tend to increase the sweet spot surface or to replicate the results across the face of the club head as much as possible.

The center of gravity thus plays an important role for the performance of the driver. You can expect to find various centers of gravity with modern drivers. Most products tend to move the center of gravity lower and towards the back of the club head to get a better controlled ball spin. But this rule is starting to be changed as the new, adjustable, design come into the market. Although the adjustable designs are great if you want to replace a few drivers or need the versatility, new players can still benefit the most from using a standard design to improve on the core skills.


Drivers came a long way from their wooden construction. Most modern drivers are made from composite materials and even titanium. The latter is well known across many industries for its reduced weight and amazing strength. In simple evolutionary terms, this gave the manufacturers the amazing opportunity of producing larger heads without the extra weight. This benefited players the most, with longer distances and stronger hits.

It must be noted that it is rare to find a pure material design choice with a club head. Modern drivers use a combination of materials to deliver the best results. Carbon is one of the materials chosen by some manufacturers to work well with composite or titanium.


Top tips for using a golf driver

When it comes to maximizing the performance of a club driver, there are some tips players might find handy, especially as your confidence grows with skill improvements. What this means is that as you get better, you will see real progress even with the most basic driver if you manage to learn its tricks.

Bigger Club Head

You want to ensure you find a big club head design which will allow you to go through the learning process as quickly as possible. Since you might not be reaching the same speeds as professional players it is important to try and master the skills with the driver of your choice.

Whichever model you choose, the sweet spot is where you will see the best results. You can train your skills by practicing hitting with the sweet spot as much as possible. If you don`t feel comfortable with the shots it might be a combination of elements, not only the club head. For example, the shaft might be too long or too short; this is why you need to find the best combination which will maximize the results of the club head.

Since the size of the club head can play an important role, so does materials and design. You can find certain materials advertised by the manufacturers are only used on the frame of the club head, the face and the walls being built with other materials. You may also find that certain combinations produce a different sound, which might not be to your liking. Even with a series of clubs, you have a new sound with each new release. It may be totally different or just slightly different to the previous version

The club head’s sound can also be influenced by the center of gravity. This means the club heads with adjustable weights might come with a new sound for each position. So if you choose one of these modern designs, make sure you are finding with its sound variations.

Shaft and swing

Shaft and swing go hand in hand. If you are among the players which don`t know anything about proper shaft length, you may be tempted to go with the longest version available. Since these designs promise the longest distances, you might be tempted to think they are a good option for your skills. In many cases, players struggle to hit clean shots with longer shafts.

You need to ensure the shaft is good for your swing type and this involves the length and the weight of the shaft. Since weight can actually be decreased by using lighter materials, some manufacturers might tempt new players with stiffer designs. However, as seen above, these designs are not always as black and white as they look on paper.

To control the swing and the spin to the optimum level, in which the ball goes through the air rather than going straight up. You need to find the best shaft for your technique level. It may also be worth noting that you might buy multiple shafts in drivers in time, so the decision is not as final as it might seem. Some manufacturers offer various shafts which you can choose. They can be set up by the seller, or independently by a specialized store in your area.

The way in which you measure the flight of the ball is with the loft which usually is between 8 and 12 degrees. So players can expect more height with a higher loft.

Most modern drivers use a combination of the latest technologies and the traditional principles which made drivers the go-to option for long distance shots. Since there are so many available options on the market, it might be difficult to go through all the marketing information players can face. There are a few crucial elements which will make you better understand what makes a good driver and what differentiates it from the best driver.

Some drivers will advertise an increased sweet spot which, technically, is possible with the right design and materials. However, nothing can surpass real experience which will have players hitting the ball with the sweet spot for the most accurate results. You may also note that a fast driver is not always the best choice for players with minimal experience as they might not deliver the most accurate shots.

When you look for the best driver to exercise your skills, you need to focus what type of design is the best for your playing abilities. If you feel experimenting could benefit your style, you could try a club head design which comes with adjustable weights.

If you are performance-oriented you may want to look for heavier driver which are similar to the ones used by professional players. While they might help you with speed and accuracy, they need a certain level of technique to master a straight shot. Controlling the spin also becomes increasingly difficult as the weight of the driver increases. Once you are aware of all these variables and are clear on your skill level, you will be well on your way of finding the best driver for your playing style.


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