The XXIO 9 Series Driver Review

After dominating the Japanese market for so many years, the XXIO brand has entered the US to replicate its performance. It seems they are on their way to achieving the target. The impressive performance of their previous series has prompted XXIO to introduce the XXIO 9 Driver.


A mere glance at the XXIO 9 Driver would reveal that the club doesn’t have an overly stretched frame. Like any other driver in the market, the XXIO9 comes with a head size of 460cc. The XXIO9 Driver is a shallow club with an elongated face, which makes the club easily recognizable at the golf pro shop. The unique design and technology used in XXIO 9 Driver allow more lateral forgiveness.

We said that the XXIO9 can be easily recognized. Most driver clubs that are available in the market offer matte finish, but the XXIO9 is an exception. The crown of the XXIO 9 Series has a navy blue color that turns into a light purple color when exposed to the sunlight. Depending on the time of the day and the intensity of the sunlight, you might see the crown color change from dark to light purple. The light silver face complements the crown color very well.


XXIO is a popular brand in both Asia and the United States. The brand uses technology in all its products to deliver superior performance. If you have the basic golf driving skills covered, then the XXIO9 is there to take care of the rest. It can exponentially magnify your success, hitting off the tee.

Lightweight, Low-Density Titanium Crown

The current trend adopted by most brands is to reduce the weight of the driver to make the swing faster and easier. Even in the case of XXIO9 Driver, the makers have opted for lightweight, low-density titanium crown for the club.

What does reducing the weight of the crown achieve? This single move achieves many objectives. A lightweight crown means, the weight can be added to the base. This will lower the center of gravity, and help the player drive the ball better, higher, and faster. Furthermore, making the crown lighter will allows the makers to push 7 grams into the sole of the driver. Making the lower and back end of the sole slightly heavier will help the ball climb higher and travel longer off the tee.

Club Face Technology

Most brands are well aware of Club Face Technology, but they rarely use it in their products. XXIO has slightly modified the technology and incorporated in the XXIO9 Driver. The toe and heel sections of the driver have been made wider. The minor modifications will allow the players to hit the ball higher without compromising on the direction, accuracy, and stability. The updated club face technology also increases the forgiveness of the driver.

Dual Speed Technology

XXIO has cleverly used the dual speed technology to aid the speed and acceleration in the swing. A combination of lightweight shaft and grip and heavy club head generates more lag, rotational speed in the arms, and acceleration through the impact zone. These elements of the swing help the golfer with the swing path, direction, height, and distance.


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