Taylormade M1 driver for saleTaylorMade M1 Driver Review

TaylorMade M1 Driver is one of the top choices on the market. With a world-class performance and a heritage which sets high standards for the competition, the driver represents one of the best choices for most top-level players. As soon as you see the driver, you will see the movable weights system which will come with a degree of customization which is not achievable with most other options at this fine level. The system is part of the T-Track System and represents a solid option for a center of gravity customization. The driver is thus a top priority if you want the best options and up to date drivers.


  • New T-Track weight system
  • Ultra-lightweight loft sleeve
  • Premium shafts selection


  • Weights will be difficult to maneuver by some players

taylormade m1 drive pricePerformance

The performance of the driver recommends it for a comfortable experience. The aggressiveness of the design can prove to be a great characteristic which will immediately appeal to the skilled players. The titanium body is partly responsible for this aggressiveness and can represent a very solid reason for top players to consider the purchase.

The main discussion of the performance revolves, however, around the weight system. The T-Track technology comes with movable weights and thus you can influence the center of gravity to your advantage. While not all players will like the design, having a weight of 15 grams and a weight of 12 grams that can be adjusted sideways or towards the front or the back of the head means you’ll experience total control. This can thus prove a fantastic tool in the hands of dedicated players who have the skills and the patience to learn how to use the system to their own advantage. And since many more manufacturers are using the adjustable center of gravity design, it also represents a solid option towards the future of the industry.


The design of the driver recommends it for the best up to date option and for a good future-proof alternative. This is based on the solid titanium construction and on the solid performance of a design which comes with the ultimate customization. With the adjustable center of gravity, the driver will come with one of the most interesting and precise designs on the market. This is why it can be recommended when you try to push your skills further. At the same time, players who like to experiment will love the driver’s characteristics.

The TaylorMade M1 Driver is a recognized name with most top-level players. It offers the right balance of performance and innovation. Unlike many other manufacturers, TaylorMade has also managed to execute the design to perfection and this can be seen in the results and reception by the top players. The driver comes with ultimate titanium inserts and designs which recommend it for the ultimate control and durability. With the adjustable weights, you are also less likely to spend and invest in other purchases in the near future. This is why, in the end, you may even end up saving more than you expect.


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