Volvik Vibe Golf Balls Review

The Volvik Vibe Golf Balls come with an ultra-soft urethane cover which is perfect for versatility. The 3-piece construction designed proved to be one of Volvik’s best strengths. With many options to choose from even with a urethane cover, why would you choose Vibe balls?

You get to play with the 336 dimples of the cover which prove interesting aerodynamics that balance the ball, improve the spin and motivate the roll on the green. With an enhanced flight time, there are many reasons to consider the ball, but maximizing distance might be the best one for most players.


  • 3-piece design
  • 336 dimples
  • Enhanced flight time
  • Ultra-soft urethane


  • Scuffs on the cover


The Vibe golf balls seem to be the recommended soft ball options for tour players. With flexible urethane cover and a 3-piece design, there are plenty of reasons to consider the balls for solid long-distance results. The truth is that the balls perform well and Vibe`s fans have received them with pleasure, even at tournament level. With a 20 compression you might think this is too low for performance. But players can still achieve results that range between 70 and 95mph. Although this might seem enough for low speeds, some players are actually uncomfortable with ultra-soft designs.

The balls also perform with a higher trajectory. As this might not be that obvious as you begin using them, Volvik is sure that the balls can be used at all levels. Even more, with an affordable price, the balls represent one of the best options for hybrid performers which mix low compression with urethane covers.


There is an unusual balance between the urethane cover and the low compression manufacturing which makes the balls quite soft. But this makes them a good option for beginner players as well. With intermediate and advanced players using the balls, you can see how their versatility recommended them up to tour level.

The Volvik Vibe Golf Balls represent a weird but successful mix between low compression techniques and proper versatility which comes with the 3-piece design. Although you may find some alternative on the market, the extra soft result is what caters to players of all level. And this is what the manufacturer wanted. 3-piece balls which work for the new player but can also be an alternative for tour level. If you need a performer which can range from 70 to 95mph, you can find the balls represent a solid alternative to the highest level of performance.

With straighter and consistent shots, it becomes difficult not to choose them, especially when you consider they are versatile enough to perform above the average level on the green. With 336 dimples, the balls have solid aerodynamic performance. This performance finds the balls in a higher trajectory than with some models from the competition. You may even find that the performance of the spin is slightly improved by the design. This is why urethane covers represent one of the areas in which Volvik excels.

Volvik Vibe Golf Balls Review
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