Callaway Epic Hybrids Review

Callaway Epic Hybrids come with the latest technologies which involve triaxial carbon. The hybrids come with a performance which is hard to match at this stage by any other options on the market. Their benefits go beyond the new design and deep into the performance area of the hybrids.

What to expect from the Epic Hybrids series?

There are many benefits to the new series which include more versatility and more forgiveness which can make you push for better results every time.

The maximum forgiveness which is offered by the hybrids will benefit the new players which need to go through a longer learning curve. They now have the potential of getting to know the hybrids faster while they enjoy more forgiveness.

But advanced players will also get to experience the improved results of the hybrids. They will especially enjoy the better speed performance as the series will deliver faster results. With an innovative Hyper Speed Face technology, you will be able to maximize speed with every swing. The technology also works to deliver faster speed not only on the sweet-spot but also with off-center hits.

A newer gravity point will improve your moment of inertia. You know have the possibility of playing with a lower center of gravity which will impact your results in a positive way. You will get to see a deeper and easier launch which is the results of the innovative design and the use of modern materials. With Metal Injection Molded tungsten technology, you will get to experience one of the best alternatives with modern hybrids. The material is not only faster but it is the base of a lower launch point with the improved moment of inertia.

This means you`ll get to experience more versatility during the game which is constant, even with the loft design. The aerodynamics has been regarded as the best in the industry and it just improved with the Epic Hybrids series. This is the result which is based on the combination of lightweight and durable materials like tungsten which can also play a crucial role in versatility and the design with the lower center of gravity which brings the best out of each driver.

So who is the series for? The Callaway Epic Hybrids are made to maximize speed and distance while balancing a good level of forgiveness. With the newer design and materials, the hybrids would be best suited for the player looking for the latest technologies which can improve the center of gravity covering more distance with a greater speed. The newer players will also appreciate the forgiveness of the design which will allow them to deliver better results faster. Once you get used to the materials and loft settings, you will have the opportunity to use the hybrids for a wide range of shots. In the end, the results will depend on how quickly you manage to master a lower center of gravity and modern aerodynamics which has been seen by many as the best in the industry.


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