TaylorMade TP5x Golf Balls Review

The TaylorMade TP5x Golf Balls come with an impressive 5-layer design. This makes them highly optimized for performance and one of the good options for players of all levels. As many players expected, the golf balls come with the unique 3-layer core system which is similar to the one of the TP5x. This system allows for maximum energy transfer and maximized speeds which mean the balls are made for top performance.


  • 5-layer design
  • Unique 3-layer core
  • Improved energy transfer
  • Good for speed performance


  • Not for all types of tour-level players


The TP5x seems to be among the complete tour-level balls. The 5-layer design offers improved energy transfer and maximized speeds which are perfect for top level performance. Together with the 3-layer design, the balls are perfect for speed and energy transfer.

The dual spin covers offer contrasting rigid covers which improve this energy transfer. This is where the energy from the club delivers the complete speed potential of the balls. But the outer cover also plays an important role. With a soft cast urethane cover, the energy transfer is improved. It works to transfer the energy and shot particularity from the groves of the club to the 3-layer core of the ball.

These technologies impact the playability of the balls and this is why they have been so well received by the players. They offer improved control on the green and even a balanced spin in the air. With impressive speed and distance performance, there are enough reasons to recommend the balls for the advanced player who always pushes results at the maximum level with every shot. In a way, the balls are made for the players who take risks and want to constantly improve the power and accuracy of the shots.


The unique design of the balls offers a progressive energy transfer. The outer layers and the urethane cover offer the right amount of energy transfer from the club grooves to the core of the balls. The core is made with a unique 3-layer design which has been regarded as the best feature of the balls, especially at tour level performance.

With impressive speed and distance, the TaylorMade TP5x Golf Balls offer an interesting experience with the 5-layer design. Although the balls can be used by players at all levels, amateurs will struggle to get the most out of the design which is made for performance maximization. Even average players will have a hard time using a complex design which should offer better control when properly mastered. This is why you can expect better control on the green and even more speed with a much more balanced spin.

The balls use a urethane cover which is soft and properly transfers the energy towards the layers of the ball. With a durable design which is made to last, you can expect to use the balls for a long time. You will also see the on the green much more easily and you`ll have fewer chances of losing the balls in the course.


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