Srixon soft feel golf balls:

Analyzing the specific characters of golfers, Srixon has come up with a fully customized golf ball designed for the non- aggressive golfers. With the invention of soft feel golf balls, Srixon has proved that golfers need not compromise on the soft feel to get some extra yards. A ball that generate ultimate spin speed over the green is another revolutionary invention of Srixon brand. This particular kind of balls are actually designed for the golfers of all categories. With 2 piece construction and firm covers, Srixon Soft Feel golf balls promote larger distance over high spin rate.

Features of Srixon Soft feel Golf balls:

  1. Super improved distance without compromise on the feel.
  2. Incredible high launched initial condition.
  3. Extreme minimal sidespin with perfect flight balance.
  4. Higher compression balls that provide appropriate accuracy.
  5. Powerful trajectory and ultimate performance for the players of all categories.

Golfers, who like extra height shots and strive for the smooth feel at the same time, should go for Srixon soft feel golf balls. This is not a premium or tour model. Srixon soft feel golf balls are categorized as distance balls that offer a super long yards without any drawback. These soft feel golf balls are considered as one of the enhancement of modern golf ball technology.

Construction of Srixon soft feel golf balls:

  1. Softer and lower compression core:Srixon soft feel golf balls with 2-piece construction use a lower compression core to satisfy the focused keyword “soft”. This core provides incredible distance and proper accuracy with a super soft feel. The lower compression helps to provide velocity with advanced initial launched conditions.
  2. Energetic Gradient Growth core:This advanced core technology in introduced to soft feel golf balls to fuel up maximum energy transfer to satisfy the demand of high performance of a golfer in every shot. These balls give a high-class performance that never allows giving up on soft feels.
  3. Softer and thinner cover:Srixon soft feel golf balls use softer and thinner covert that generate more spin and more greenside control. Utilization of softer and thinner cover increases golfer’s efficiency and help them to meet optimum field performance.
  4. 324 speed dimple pattern:Srixon Soft feel golf balls use advanced 324-speed dimple pattern technology. Dimple configuration of these balls reduce drag force and provide powerful control for a large distance. It allows a straight shot and ultimate flight balance even in critical windy condition.

Srixon soft feel golf balls are available in two colors: Pure white and soft yellow. The company recommend it to golfers with swing speed less than 110 mph. More specifically golfers with lower swing speed seem to enjoy the benefits of this technology more than high-speed golfer. Srixon soft feel balls carry extreme softness at an affordable price. These balls provide surprising soft touch that are specifically customized for decent golfers.

From the core to cover, with ultimate modern golf technology, the balls help to achieve maximum tour performance ideally for the slow swingers.



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