Callaway Steelhead XR Hybrids Review

The Callaway Steelhead XR Hybrids come with top designs and performance. Made for balanced playability, the hybrids use industry leading technologies. Callaway fans will be glad to know the newest innovations include an improved face cup. But most importantly, the hybrids manage to balance forgiveness and distance to offer improved playability.

Industry-leading innovation

The Callaway Steelhead XR Hybrids offer some of the industry`s leading innovations. This is why they will immediately appeal to those who want the latest technologies without any compromise on overall performance. This means that all technologies are made to work together and offer an improved experience.

Improved speed and distance

You will immediately notice the improved speed and distance results which are based on the new design. There is a new Face Cup technology which is responsible for these results. All players want faster ball speed and this is now delivered with the innovative face technology. Even more, you will also experience improved speed on off-center hits. This makes the series a good option for players of all levels.

Ease of use

With a new design comes a new concern for the player experience. This is where Callaway managed to outperform every competitor on the market offering a center of gravity which is lower and placed to the back of the club head. The easier launch and high flight recommend the series for better long range efforts which can truly be made possible if you have at least some experience with larger heads.

Faster speeds

No new series is worth the hype if there are no speed improvements. This is where Callaway made things possible and even went beyond the usual efforts to deliver better aerodynamics. A lot of research went into the new design and you can immediately notice the Speed Step which improves air flow at higher speeds.

Better forgiveness

As mentioned above, forgiveness is one of the main indicators of the new series as the aim was to provide a good overall experience, not only an improvement in terms of speed. With a larger hitting area, players will get to experience some of the most interesting shots which are made for maximum performance. The off-center forgiveness makes the series perfect for those struggling with the learning curve of new clubs. With a deeper body and a raised moment of inertia, the balls will not only travel faster but they will improve the results on the off-center hits so many players struggle with.

The Callaway Steelhead XR Hybrids offer a pleasant experience which is perfect for those looking to pay the latest technologies. If you`re always looking for improvement on speed and forgiveness, the steelhead designs might be right for you. With a larger face and a lower center of gravity, you will improve the speed and the height of the balls. This makes the series perfect for both the players with less experience and the advanced players who constantly push for better results. With improved aerodynamics, the series is perfect for better results at faster speeds.


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