Callaway GBB Epic Drivers Review

The Callaway GBB Epic Drivers are made for remarkable distance performance. With the innovative Jailbreak and Exo-Cage technologies, players can expect some of the best features from the manufacturer in a series which has already impressed with distance performance.

Jailbreak distance

The Jailbreak technology has been so popular with fans of the manufacturer. Callaway has a few technologies which are considered to be industry-leading and the Jailbreak design can represent the base of long-distance results. The technology basically aims to deliver more speed across the face. Of course this will be difficult to maintain at a constant result, but the goal is to improve the average speeds for most players.

Popular Exo-Cage design

The Exo-Cage design based on the triaxial carbon and titanium designs offer the right platform for more forgiveness. It also recommends the series if you want to minimize spin and actually focus on the skills you need to improve your long-distance efforts.

The series also features the fast clubhead design which was made with the top researchers’ ideas for maximum aerodynamic performance. With improved air performance, you can expect better speeds and constant top performance for fast hits.

As Callaway fans may already expect, the drivers come with a good selection of shafts which can positively impact the speed and distance of the performance. Feel and control can be slightly different with extreme shafts. A 40g class shaft will come with a different power output to a 70g shaft.  The good news is that you can choose all the best options in-between these extremes and this find the best solution for your needs.

If you need the maximum adjustability you will be glad to know the series comes with the 8-way loft adjustability settings. You can also choose from draw or neutral lie angle options which will complete the loft`s adjustability.

The good news is that all of these features are not just proven on paper as they truly provide the rea-world experience. In a popular survey a river from the series was voted as the best driver in 2017 which make a strong testament to what the company has to offer and how it is situated against the competition.

The Callaway GBB Epic Drivers re truly made for the best distance performance. It features some of the company`s most popular technologies such as Jailbreak and the Exo-Cage design. The triaxial carbon has been proven to be one of the best choices for the top payers at tour level. It is no wonder that the series gave the best driver of the year winner as it makes a strong impact from the first hit. With strong aerodynamic performance, there are plenty of good reasons to choose a model from the series. You can even add above-average adjustability. With a fast clubhead speed and controlled spin which minimizes the effect of off-center hits, you will want to make sure you deliver your best shot with every opportunity. This is why Callaway has added the adjustability to suit your needs for your own goals.


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