Callaway XR 16 Drivers Review

The Callaway XR 16 Drivers offer improved speed performance. This is why the company has closely worked with Boeing to offer a compact design which is capable of pushing what is achievable in terms of aerodynamics. With more forgiveness and a redesigned Speed Step, players can find good reasons to upgrade or move to the XR 16 drivers. Of course, this is the base for you next top performance. But you will have to go through a learning period as the drivers can be really fast and might require a few plays to get used to. The good news is that even at these higher speeds you have the ability to control spin beyond what you are used to at this time.

Top performing technology

The cooperation with Boeing led to a new approach to airflow. A longer drag is not the first expectation you have when it comes to a driver but this is what Callaway did and it offers a pleasant result. Together with a new Speed Step, it offers the base for the improved speed. The Speed Step is now lighter, allowing for a weight decreased and maneuverability increase. But it is also made for speed improvements; this is why so many players might consider the series as a worthy upgrade for those small advantages on the course.

Callaway is also aiming to deliver a memorable forgiveness experience. Since it is one of the series with the most forgiveness from the manufacturer, the XR16 represents a solid option for those who need a good alternative to a short learning curve with maximum results.

With a longer drag and a design which allows a lower center of gravity towards the back, you maximize the results further in terms of power and playability which is in the user`s hands. This can translate to more distance in the real world which is what every golfer considers as crucial.

The best news is that this speed is now achievable even with off-center hits. As the design of the face allows for more forgiveness in the lateral hits, you will find it easier to go through the required learning curve.

The Callaway XR 16 Drivers offers a good speed performance which is balanced with the right amount of spin control that is required for top level performance. Made in collaboration with Boeing, the series offers what is needed for optimum air flow and thus increased speed. If you`re looking for the best upgrade on the already popular Speed Step, the redesigned feature might bring you the new and upgraded speed you need. It may also be an indication on where Callaway is planning to take the technology as future upgrades might see lighter and faster variations of the Speed Step. But the aerodynamic feature will clearly add a distinctive look to the driver which is hard to find for tour-level crowns. With modern materials which offer increased performance and a distinctive sound, you will have the opportunity of using one of the best series from Callaway.


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