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Phillip Alfred Mickelson, popularly known as Phil Mickelson, is a professional golfer from the United States. He was born on the 16th of June, 1970 in San Diego, California to Phillip Mickelson and Mary Mickelson. He is a left-hander and this earned him the nickname “Lefty”. Mickelson is not just a professional golf player, he is on the list of the 12 professional golf players that have won three majors out of the available 12. Apart from the U.S open where he has come second six times already, Mickelson has won the other available majors.

As one of the most successful professional golf players of all time, Mickelson has remained on the list of the top 50 of the Official World Golf Ranking for 25 years at a stretch. Furthermore, as one of the top ten professional golfers of his generation, Mickelson has maintained a spot on the list of top ten golfers for 700 weeks. These records are an attestation of his level of consistency. In addition to his numerous trophies, Phil Mickelson made it to the World Golf Hall of Fame in 2011.

Contrary to what a lot of people think, Phil Mickelson is not left-handed. He, however, plays golf with his left hand. He became a left-handed golfer in an attempt to mirror his right-handed father play golf.

Mickelson is popular for having an aggressive style of play. He has a reputation for taking very risky moves when faced with shots that are generally considered to be difficult. In addition to having a style of play that is very aggressive, Phil Mickelson is also reputed for his powerful driver which is not always as accurate as it should be but can give him the advantage when power is needed.

Time in College

As a youth with a background in golf, Mickelson was a student at Arizona State University in Tempe. While still a student, he became one of the most successful and famous amateur golfers of his time. As an amateur, Mickelson won three Haskins Awards, as well as three NCAA individual championships. Winning three individual NCAA championships created a record which he shares with Ben Crenshaw.

In addition to having a record for having the highest number of individual NCAA championships, Phil Mickelson became the first left-handed golfer to get the U.S Amateur title. To get this position, he had to defeat Manny Zerman, his teammate in high school. While Mickelson is considered by lots of people to be one of the greatest players in the game of golf on a professional level, he did not become exceptional just as a professional. While an amateur golfer, Mickelson was already very exceptional and became a champion in a PGA tour. This tour was the Northern Telecom Open which took place in Tucson.

Life as a Professional Golfer

Immediately after graduating from Arizona State University in 1992, Mickelson became a professional golfer. While there was a qualifying process every amateur golfer needed to go through before becoming a professional, Mickelson did not need to go through this process as he already emerged champion at the Northern Telcom Open which took place in Tucson. After employing Jim “Bones” Mackay to play the role of his caddy, Phil Mickelson went on to win several PGA tournaments. Some of these many tournaments include the AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am, the Bruno Nelson Golf Classic, the World Series of Golf, the Greater Hartford Open in 2001, and the Colonial National Invitation.

Although the name “Mickelson” brings the game of golf to the minds of a lot of people, Phil Mickelson has taken part in other activities apart from spending time as a professional golfer. In 1996, Mickelson made an appearance in a movie titled” Tin Cup”. This movie starred Kevin Costner and gave Phil Mickelson the freedom of appearing as himself.

Back to the game of golf, Mickelson brought The Winning streak of world-famous Tiger Woods to an end in the Buck Invitational which took place in 2000. After this win, it did not really appear that Mickelson as excited as he made it known that his intention was to emerge winner and not to end Woods’ streak.

While Mickelson became a winner of three out of the four majors that he participated in, it took him a while before he became a winner. Due to this, he was tagged as the “best player never to win a major”.

After playing the game of golf professionally for over a decade, Mickelson clinched his first major championship. This win occurred in 2004 when he became victorious in the Masters.

Shortly after exiting Butch Harmon, Mickelson employed Andrew Getson as his new swing coach. After having a temporary setback in his game, Mickelson, alongside his new swing coach spent a lot of time together training to improve on his swing.

While working with Getson, Mickelson took part in the CareerBuilder Challenge for the first time. While at this tournament, he came third alongside another participant of the tournament.

Mickelson’s Surgeries

In 2016, Mickelson underwent two surgeries for sports hernia. After undergoing these surgeries, he was expected to spend a lot of time away from the game of golf before making a return to competitive games. Contrary to the expectations of a lot of people, Mickelson made an appearance at the CareerBuilder Challenge. A week after this tournament ended, he took part in the Farmers Insurance Open that was held in San Diego. He did not end at this, he went on to take part in the Waste Management Phoenix Open.

How he fared in 2018

After going through a winless streak that began in 2018, Phil Mickelson finally emerged champion at a tournament. This win came at the WGC-Mexico Championship. He was also a part of the 2018 Ryder Cup which was staged in Paris. In this tournament, he was the captain of Team USA and played alongside Brunson DeChambeau.

Towards the end of 2018, Mickelson emerged victorious at the pay-per-view event. In this tournament, he emerged victorious to the detriment of Tiger Woods.


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