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When you talk about some of the sports meant for gentlemen, the first name which pops up in your mind is golf. Gone are the days when golf was considered to be associated with the rich only. In these modern times, you will find golfers from all classes of society. The sport is played on a large plot of open land. The only shades found on a golf course are trees. This can pose a major problem for golfers, especially during the rainy seasons. The best solution to avoid getting wet is to use an umbrella. However, if you stand in the middle of a large plot of open land, then obviously the speed of the wind will be strong enough to destroy your umbrella. Thus, the use of the best golf umbrella is a must on a golf course.

A Few Considerations to Make While Choosing a Suitable Golf Umbrella

When it comes to choosing an umbrella, there are several factors to consider in order to buy the best one as per your needs and budget. The purpose of choosing a good quality umbrella gets even stronger if you wish to use it on a golf course. Here are some of the factors to keep in mind, before you decide to buy a golf umbrella.

  1. Size: When you decide to use a golf umbrella, it not just for yourself. A golf umbrella is also used to save your accessories from the wrath of Mother Nature. This includes both wind and rain. It is usually seen that the arc size of a golf umbrella varies from 30 inches to 70 inches in length. However, it is good for you to remember that the arc sizes advertised by manufacturers may not be the same one in reality. The best way to check the actual size of different golf umbrellas is to check each one individually.
  2. Weight of The Umbrella: Just like your golf kit, you also have to carry along your umbrella wherever you go on a golf course. This is why it is very crucial for you to consider the weight of the golf umbrella before you make the final purchase. If you have a lightweight golf umbrella to save you from bad weather, it will help you save some energy in carrying it along with you. However, it is also critical for you to remember that being lightweight should not compromise the quality of the umbrella. A bad quality golf umbrella is as good as using no umbrella on a golf course.
  3. Quality: One of the most important factors to consider while purchasing a golf umbrella is the quality of the product. As stated above, being lightweight should not have a negative effect on the quality of a golf umbrella. Since the wind speeds on a golf course may be stronger than any other place due to the vast open space, it is very important for your golf umbrella to have a double canopy layer. This will not just provide better protection from rain, it will also prevent the umbrella from flipping inside out in strong winds. When it comes to purchasing a good quality golf umbrella, make sure that you choose one which is made with a great quality material and comes in a proper design. A perfect combination of both these factors will help the product to sustain itself in any adverse weather conditions.
  4. Automatic Umbrellas: There are certain golf umbrellas in the market which open and close automatically. However, due to this automatic technology, these umbrellas come with a heavy price tag. When on a golf course, the most urgent thing is for the umbrella to open as soon as possible. This will help you and your kit from getting wet. However, when it comes to closing it, there is no hurry at all. Thus, using an automatic umbrella is not that important.
  5. Price: If you wish to buy a good quality golf umbrella, which will be made of a great material and will certainly not flip over in strong winds, then you should expect the price to be a bit steep. After all, good quality products certainly do not come cheap. Thus, it is better to have a high budget in mind when it comes to buying such an umbrella.
  6. Appearance: Golf umbrellas are available in different colors. For most of the golfers around the globe, it is very important to have different colored umbrellas to take on different days to the golf course. If you also fall in the same category of golfers, then you should consider the idea of opting for golf umbrellas which come in various colors.

Some of the Best Golf Umbrellas

There are several manufacturers of golf umbrellas in the market. Although their products are designed to provide the same comfort to a golfer on a golf course, there are certain differences which have popularized some products more than others. Some of the best golf umbrellas have been mentioned below for your convenience.

  1. Lifetek New Yorker Windproof Umbrella: When it comes to choosing one of the most favorite golf umbrellas amongst golfers, this product comes at the very top of the list. It is made with top of the line materials and comes with excellent craftsmanship. The canopy arc length of this umbrella is 52 inches and the edge to edge width is 47 inches. The size of this umbrellas is fit to provide shade to 2 people at the same time or a person and his golf kit. It weighs around 24 pounds and it is too long to fit inside a small sized bag. However, it fits easily inside a golf bag. This umbrella is made up of Teflon water repellant system and a special micro-weave fabric. You may also use this umbrella as an everyday use.
  2. Gustbuster 48 Inch Automatic Golf Umbrella: Manufacturers of this product claim that this umbrella can easily withstand wind speeds exceeding 55 mph. It also happens to be one of the sturdiest and safest golf umbrellas in the market. This product is made with dual layer canopy, which allows winds to pass through without flipping the umbrella inside out. The actual diameter of this umbrella is 48 inches and when closed it is approximately 38 inches in length. However, this automatic umbrella only opens up automatically. When it comes to closing it you have to do it manually. It is large enough to provide shelter to a person and his golf kit at the same time.
  3. Rainstoppers 62 Inch Double Canopy Golf Umbrella: If you are in search of an affordable umbrella, which certainly cannot be termed as “cheap”, then this product will be a lovely option. This umbrella is large enough to provide shelter to 2 or 3 people along with their golf accessories at the same time. It is not just the size where this product excels over many others. This umbrella is also made of dual layer canopy to improve the possibility of sustaining itself in strong winds. It is extremely durable, thanks to its fiberglass shaft and ribs. The length of it is around 40 inches when closed and the handle comes with a rubberized coating to prevent it from slipping from your hands. This umbrella is ideally suited for those golfers, who wish to buy a good quality golf umbrella without spending a large fortune.
  4. Procella 62 Inch Windproof Golf Umbrella: This umbrella is designed to minimize any possibility of discomfort for golfers and to enhance weather protection. This product is also made up of a double layer canopy, which makes it extremely water and wind proof. The arc size of this umbrella is 62 inches and also happens to be one of the largest golf umbrellas in the market. The ribs and shaft of this product are made of fiberglass which makes it extremely durable in nature. The handle also comes with a rubberized grip to ensure proper hold of the umbrella even on a rainy day. In spite of the size, this umbrella is extremely lightweight and weighs around 17 pounds. It is designed to fit easily in your golf bag and its length is around 38.5 inches when closed. This umbrella comes with an auto open button to help it to open itself as soon as possible. However, you have to manually close it when not in use. Although it comes with a heavy price tag, you will find it worth every penny when you use it once.

There are several types of golf umbrellas in the market. Although this gives you a lot of options to choose from, it also makes it tough for you to choose the best. In order to choose the right one as per your needs and budget, better do some research work online about the various golf umbrellas. If needed, you may also seek some advice from some of your friends or family members, who have been using such an umbrella for a long time.

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