Best Golf Irons for Beginners – A Handy Guide

A game of golf may seem like an ordinary sport to a layman. In reality it is not at all as it seems. Playing golf requires hours of hard work, dedication, skills, and agility. There are several accessories used by a golfer to play the sport. These include a set of golf clubs, golf balls, a bag to store all the accessories, a good quality rangefinder, and many more. If you wish to play the sport properly, then it is important for you to take some time and choose the right accessories as per your requirement and budget. When it comes to golf clubs, there are some which are made especially for beginners and some made for professionals. As a beginner, it is mandatory that you choose a suitable set to play golf properly.

What To Look For In The Best Irons For Beginners?

In a set of golf clubs, there are several types of clubs. These include hybrids, irons, a driver, and fairway woods. Different types of shots are played with different types of clubs. The most number of clubs found in any golf club set are irons. For a beginner, it is very important to choose the right set of irons. There are several features to look for in irons. Some of these have been discussed below.

  1. Characteristics of The Shaft: Most of you may say that this is not an important feature to consider. Nonetheless, it is a rather important factor. As a beginner, it is very important for you to consider the length, flex, material, and type of the shaft used in an iron club. If you do not consider this factor, then it may hamper the way you play golf. In order to gain the maximum trajectory, it is important for you to start your golfing career with a highly forgiving iron club. It is important for the shaft to be lightweight in order to boost your swing speed.
  2. Base of The Club Head: In order to hit a perfect shot, you need to master the correct angle to hit the golf ball at the right point of contact on your club. If you are a beginner in the golfing world, then you need to use a wide-sole iron to help make the learning phase simpler. Once you manage to strike the ball at the right point on the club, you can gradually get rid of the wide sole and start using a normal iron club. Using a wide sole club will also result in transferring more power to the ball from your swing. This will enable the ball to travel a great distance with better accuracy. This is what makes such a club a favorite amongst beginners.
  3. COG and Weighting: Your COG or center of gravity is the primary reason for you to maintain a steady balance while walking. Similarly, the center of gravity of your iron club is also important. If this COG of your club is not properly situated, it can easily damage your game. as a result of improper COG of your golf club, the power behind your shots will be low and the level of accuracy will also be below par. This is true even if you use a wide-sole iron club. This is the main reason behind golfers recommending to invest your hard earned money on a good set of irons. It is the minor factors which can have a large effect on your game. Even if the weighting of the club is off, you will fail to make the optimum advantage of the forgiveness of your club.
  4. Distance Gaps: Different types of iron clubs are basically used to achieve different distances on a golf course. As a beginner, you may fail to achieve this change of distance by using different irons. Even if you try to use different iron clubs, you will fail to understand the distance gap offered by the different clubs. On the other hand, if you use a properly designed club set, you may be able to achieve the distance gap from each club. If you wish to gain a god score, it is important for you to choose the right iron club on your fairway shot.

As a beginner, it is very important for you to choose the right set of golf clubs. Most of you may think that buying individual clubs will be better, since you may not be able to use all from the first day itself. On the contrary, it is always better to buy an entire set of golf clubs. There are basically 2 benefits out of this. Firstly, all the clubs from the same set will have the same look and feel. This will help you play your natural game instead of concentrating on the feel of a club. Secondly, buying an entire set of golf clubs will be much cheaper than buying individual clubs. There are several stores which sell various types of golf clubs for golfers. If you are a beginner and have no idea about choosing the right set of golf clubs, then shopping from physical stores will be a better idea. This will also help you get the feel of different clubs before you choose the final one. Online stores also sell such clubs and they also offer excellent discounts on these club sets. However, choosing the right set may be more difficult than you can anticipate.

As a first timer, it is very important that you tag along a friend or family member, who has several years of golfing experience to buy the best set of golf clubs. His experience will help you choose the right set of clubs without wasting much of your time and effort. Although learning golf may take longer than many of you may think, using a good set of golf clubs can assist you learn the sport faster than normal. You can learn the art of choosing different clubs for different shots and also to use different levels of strength to make the ball travel varied distances.


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