Choose the Best Golf Clubs for Women with Confidence

Gone are the days when women used to deal with household jobs only. In this 21st century, women have ventured into areas, where men excelled all these years. Whether you talk about sports or office jobs or any other field, women are seen working at par with men. If you visit a golf course, you will find both men and women playing golf with utmost confidence. Since the physical structure of a man and a woman do not match, it is quite obvious that golf sets for men will not be sufficient for women. This is why many manufacturers have come up with golf club sets especially designed for women golfers. Although the number of such golf sets are less in number, nonetheless, these are quite useful for female golfers all around the globe.

What Comprises Of A Golf Club Set For Women?

As discussed above, the level of stamina and physique differ between a man and a woman. As a result of this, it is important to have a different set of golf clubs for female players. If you check any standard set of golf clubs for women, you will notice that it contains 7 irons, 3 woods, a putter, and 2 wedges. The 7 irons include 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and the PW. The 3 woods include a driver, 3-wood, and 5-wood. There are a total of 12 clubs in this set. According to the PGA rule, any golfer can pack in 14 clubs in a set. Thus, a female golfer can pack in an additional hybrid and sand wedge. In most of the golf club sets for female players, you will find the lower irons such as 3, 4, and 5. Some of the sets include a hybrid in place of the 6 iron club. Most of the time it is seen that the golf sets for women contain more hybrids. These are a combination of an iron shaft and wood head.

Basic Differences between a Female and a Male Golf Club Set

To a layman, both the golf club sets will appear to be the same. These are indeed made with similar technology. However, there are some differences between the 2 types of golf club sets based on their mechanics and body types. These differences are discussed below.

  1. Shaft: Golf club sets for men come with steel shafts and those for women come with graphite shafts. Graphite makes the clubs seem much lighter and provide better and softer flex. This helps to a female golfer to generate better torque and power upon impact with the golf ball. All this is possible without having to use all your physical strength to swing the club hard. However, there is no compromise as far as the durability is concerned.
  2. Length of The Shaft: It is needless to say that women are shorter than men. This is why the driver, used by a female golfer, is usually an inch shorter than the one used by a male golfer. Most of the popular manufacturers of women golf club sets also have options to choose drivers which are around 2 inches shorter. In order to get the maximum from your swing you need to use a driver which will suit your overall body height, size, physical strength, and length of your arms. However, if you are taller than an average woman, then it is highly advisable to use one of the golf club sets designed for men.
  3. Shaft Flex: When you talk about the shaft flex, it actually means the degree of bend in the golf club. If you are a beginner, then this factor plays a vital role in your club selection, since beginners need more flex than professionals. Usually it is seen that women have a slower swing speed. This can be resolved if clubs with more flexible shafts are used. When you shop for golf club sets for women, you will notice that the shafts come with 2 different labels. Those marked with the label “L” are very difficult to control for beginners and are the springiest. These are usually meant for professionals. However, those marked with “A” are better suited for beginners, since these are less flexible.
  4. Size of The Grip: It is needless to say that women have smaller hands than men. This is why it is very important for golf club sets for women to have smaller grips. In order to swing confidently and hard, it is very important for a golfer to have a firm grip of the club. There are several popular manufacturers of women’s golf club sets which provide custom made grip sizes.
  5. Weight and Loft: It is often seen that the golf sets for ladies are usually lightweight and come with higher lofts. This is because majority of the female golfers tend to sweep the golf ball. Usually, a loft angle of 13 degrees and above work like a miracle for the female golfers. The heads of the drivers are also lighter and smaller in the golf club sets for females.

Points to Consider Before You Buy a Golf Club Set For Women

If you are a female golfer and wish to buy a new golf club set for yourself, the 2 primary factors to consider are quality and price. Golf club sets, especially designed for female golfers, are available in a large variety in the market. These are made by different manufacturers and come with different price tags. These are also available in different models, sizes, and makes. While purchasing a new golf club set for women golfers, care should be taken to choose such a set which helps your game and also does not burn a hole in your pocket. If you are a beginner or an intermediate level golfer, better choose an entire set of golf clubs instead of separate clubs. An entire set will be economical also give you the same feel and grip of each club in the set.

Some of the Best Golf Club Sets for Women

As discussed above, there are several companies which manufacture golf club sets for women. Choosing the best one may not prove to be as difficult as choosing a set for men, since there are not as much options as those for male golfers. Some of the best amongst the various golf sets for women have been listed below for your knowledge.

  1. Wilson Women’s Ultra 14-Piece Complete Set: Amongst all the brands of golf club sets for women, Wilson is one of the most renowned brand. This product has also got great online rating by women golfers from across the globe. The quality of this golf club set is great if you take the price into consideration. If you are on a tight budget, then this golf set will be one of the best bets for you. It has the basic set of clubs required on a golf course. The set has a driver, which has an oversized club face. The ideal recommended height to use this set is between 5 feet 3 inches to 5 feet 9 inches. However, the only drawback of this set is the bag, which does not have its own stand.
  2. Adams Idea Ladies Package 12 Piece Set: Latest technology has been used in the making of this golf club set for ladies. This product is especially designed for those female golfers, who do not like to sacrifice on quality for price. The club faces come with expanded sweet spots and it also has a wraparound slot technology to help improve your overall game. These are some of the features of this golf set, which managed to catch the attention of female golfers. The golf bag itself comes in 3 different colors melon, raspberry, and blackberry. This set is ideally suited for women with a standard height.
  3. Callaway Women’s Strata Plus 14 Piece Golf Club Set: If you are a woman beginner, then this golf club set will prove to be one of the best buys for you. This is simply because every club is extremely easy to hit on a golf course. These clubs provide accurate hits and are very forgiving. There large sweet spots on the clubs and each shaft is made of graphite. The combination of a stainless steel head and graphite shaft of the fairway wood club helps you swing fast and achieve a great distance. This golf club set comes with head covers for fairway wood, driver, 4 and 5 hybrids. There is a stand bag included with the set and due to the lightweight, it is very easy to carry around the golf course.
  4. Callaway Women’s Solitaire Gems 13-Piece Golf Complete Set: Whether you are an experience golfer or a beginner or a senior player, this set is suitable for every type of player. The hybrids come with shallower faces and it also contains perimeter weighted irons. The driver has a thin face with a rearward internal weighting. This will help you get great results on a golf course. You will also get a precise Odyssey putter with this set which, according to the manufacturer, is the best putter in golf. The clubs are sure to help improve your overall game and are also lightweight. The stand bag included with this set has 8 different pockets. This set if ideally suited for women golfers of a height range of 5 feet to 6 feet.
  5. Callaway Women’s 2016 Strata Ultimate Complete Golf Club Set: As compared to other luxurious golf club sets available in the market, this set is quite affordable. However, there is no compromise on the quality of the clubs. The driver comes with a titanium head and a large sweet spot. This will help you get a good result on the golf course. The other clubs are also quite forgiving. The stand bag is neatly and stylishly designed and come with 5 different pockets. If you have just stepped into the world of golf, then this golf club set will be a great option for you. The bag and the clubs are lightweight and you can easily carry it on one shoulder or as a backpack.
  6. Precise GT-R Women’s Petite Golf Clubs: This set of golf club set is especially designed for shorter women golfers. The clubs are made for right-handed players and include a driver, 24 degree hybrid, 3-wood, a pitching wedge, 6 to 9 irons, and a putter. There is a stand bag included with this set and there are also 3 club head covers with this set. This product is especially good for those female golfers who are not too keen on spending a large sum of money on a golf club set. The head of the driver is 460cc and it provides sufficient forgiveness even on a mishit and you can expect the golf ball to travel a great distance after hitting it with the driver. The shaft is made of graphite to provide strength and flexibility. It is ideally suited for petite women golfers. However, one drawback is the absence of a sand wedge with this set.

Amongst some of the popular sports played across the globe, golf is one of the common ones. You will find people of all ages playing golf, especially on weekends with their friends and family members. However, those who are keen to make the sport as a career option will play golf more than once or twice a week. There are various types of golf clubs available in the market. Although it may seem that choosing the right set will be a simple task, in reality it is not so at all. You need time and you also need to swing a few clubs in order to get an idea about the best as per your needs and convenience. If it is going to be the first time for you to shop for a golf club set, it will be a good idea to ask one of your friends to accompany you, who has been playing golf for quite a long time.


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