Choose the Right Golf Clubs for Seniors Wisely

Golf is a game of interest and passion. It brings out the enthusiasm in players in a very graceful manner. This is one of the reasons behind a rising trend of senior citizens playing golf. It is often seen seniors making a trip to the golf club every day. Golf not just helps you to relax, it also helps you to enjoy some time with your friends and catch up on some latest news in the city. There are basically two types of golfers. One, who play the sport in order to make a career out of it and second, who play golf just to spend some time with their near and dear ones.

Due to the rising number of seniors playing golf, a number of golf club manufacturers have come up with custom made golf clubs and other accessories for senior golfers. Since using the traditional clubs may pose a problem for senior citizens, custom made ones will do justice to their weak physical structures. These clubs are designed in such a way that senior citizens can play the sport as per their own terms and conditions.

Tips To Help You Choose the Best Golf Clubs for Senior Golfers

There are various types of golf clubs for seniors in the market. Although all of them are custom made for senior golfers, there may be some differences in the preferences from one senior golfer to another. Here are some tips to help you choose the best golf club for seniors.

  1. The Essential Challenge: If you compare a young golfer with a senior player, you will easily notice that seniors have a weak physical structure. As a result of this, they find it very difficult to achieve the same distance even if they put in all their might behind a shot. Some of the best golf clubs designed for senior players, provide greater distance with little effort. This is important for any senior golfer, since with age their agility also diminishes. Old players find it very difficult to adjust their swing. Thus, the shaft of their golf clubs is made of flexible iron compound to help the aging golfers make a proper swing.
  2. Additional Wedge and A Set Combination: When it comes to a senior golfer, the best golf clubs would be the hybrid clubs. These are made of both wood and iron to enable the players use little power to get maximum distance. Any golfer, with a good stance, will find it very comfortable to use wedges and 3 wood. However, a senior player is always better off with additional loft to their driver and tree wood. In order to play properly, seniors also need a fourth wedge.
  3. Shaft Specifications: When it comes to purchasing golf clubs for senior players, the sole consideration is to make the sport as fair and wonderful as possible. For any golfer, the shaft of a club plays a crucial role in creating a bond between the player and his club. This is why it is very important for a golfer to choose a club with a shaft not weighing more than 60gms. Due to the use of latest technologies, the shafts used in modern day golf clubs weigh around 50gms. Thanks to such light weight shafts, players find it very easy to make perfect swing at sweet timings. It is also important that the grip end of a golf club for seniors weigh more than the lower end. A longer shaft will also be good for senior golfers.
  4. Level of Stiffness of The Flex: For any senior player, it is very important for the golf club to be comfortable and flexible. If the flex of the club is not suitable stiff, then it may also pose a problem for aging golfers. A golf club with the wrong level of stiffness of the flex may force a ball to rise up high in the air. Right-handed players might find their golf balls landing on the left side most of the time. A bad shot may also feel very powerful even if they are not. Since senior golfers may not be able to adjust accordingly, it is very important for the flex to be appropriately stiff.

How to Boost the Speed of Your Swing?

It is very easy to understand that senior golfers find it quite difficult to generate the same level of swing as compared to a younger golfer. This is mainly due to their weak physical structure and low agility. Thus it is very important for such players to know about some ideas to increase their swing speed.

  1. If the shaft of your golf club is on the heavier side, then you will have to use all your strength to generate a greater swing speed. This may pose a problem for senior golfers. The best solution is to use a lighter shaft. It is needless to say that golfers with slower swing speed, are better off using a shaft weighing less than 60gms. There are several golf clubs which come with shafts weighing around 50gms to 55gms. Lighter shafts will not just boost your wing sped, it will also help you swing hard without using all your body strength.
  2. Another way to boost your swing speed is to distribute the weight of your club properly. In order to increase your swing speed, more weight should be towards the grip end of your club. This will enhance the distance travelled by the ball and also the accuracy of your shots.
  3. There are several older golfers, who say that even after hitting the driver dead straight the ball just manages to travel around 200 yards. If you think that the driver accuracy is not your main area of concern, you may certainly try using a longer shaft. A longer shaft will mean better swing speed and greater width.

Some of the Best Golf Clubs for seniors

If you are a senior citizen and wish to play golf with your friends, then you may find it tough to choose the best golf clubs for older golfers. To make things simpler, read on to know more about some of the best golf clubs especially designed for older golfers.

  1. Wilson Profile HL Senior 15-Piece Set: Although the price of this set of golf clubs is on the heavier side, experts say that this set is nothing less than an asset for a senior golfer. The clubs are designed in such a way that senior golfers find no problem to play golf at all. There are 15 types of golf clubs in this set and the entire set is extremely lightweight. The shafts are also made of vibration-dampening graphite which provide great forgive. These clubs allow you to swing with less effort to see the ball travel a great comes with a stand bag, which comes with a great storage capacity and also look extremely attractive.
  2. Tour Edge HP20 Golf Club Senior Set: The price of this set is also on the heavier side and has been a constant entrant into the list of the best golf club sets for seniors. There are a total of 17 clubs in this set, comprising of 3 and 5 fairway woods, 460cc titanium driver, steel irons 5-SW, and hybrid. Instead of the long irons, which can prove to be quite heavy for senior golfers, one can use the fairway woods and hybrids to get similar results. You need not swing with all your physical strength to make the ball travel a great distance. These clubs are designed to provide a bigger distance with minimal effort. This set can be used by both older golfers and beginners alike.
  3. Adams Senior Tight Lies Plus Package Set: The Tight Lies line of golf clubs for older golfers is the result of 15 years of dedication, research, and hard work by the Adams Golf company. Aerodynamic technology is used to make the entire design of the club set. This helps golfers get better club-head speed which provides greater distance. The set comprises of 3 and 6 fairway woods, 5 hybrid clubs, and an aerodynamic driver. The hybrids are designed in such a way that these provide a sheer delight for golfers without compromising on the playability and forgiveness. There are also 6 irons in the set.
  4. Majek Senior Lady All Hybrid Set: Just like the golf sets designed for senior male golfers, there are also some golf club sets designed for senior female golfers. One of the best is the Majek Senior Lady All Hybrid Set. As the name suggests, this set comprises of only hybrid golf club sets and are designed to provide effortless shot making for senior female golfers. The design of the clubs are designed to provide a better launch angle to achieve a greater distance. You can also add more weights just behind the sweet spot of the clubs to boost your accuracy. This set of golf clubs can also be custom made to suit the height of any female golfer.
  5. Adams Speedline S: If you a senior golfer and wish to use one of the most accurate and longest drivers to play the sport effectively, then the Adams Speedline S will be a great option. It has been receiving tons of praises from aging golfers for quite some time and can easily help you reach a swing speed of just under 100 MPH.
  6. TaylorMade Men’s SpeedBlade Iron Set: If you do not have a tight budget and want one of the best golf club sets for aging golfers, then this product will be a great choice. These clubs are especially designed with a low center of gravity so that you can easily achieve a higher ball launch and great travel distance. These clubs come with a specially made slot in the sole of the clubs, which is called the Speed Pocket. This helps to boost the clubface flexibility during impact. This set consists of irons only and these can easily be modified. Although this set of golf clubs is suitable for all types of golfers, seniors may opt for graphite shafts to get additional flex.
  7. Senior Men’s Complete Golf Set by Precise Golf: When it comes to one of the best golf club sets for senior golfers, this product makes a clean entry to the list. The golf clubs, included in this set, come with graphite shafts for better flex and are also oversized. This feature makes the set extremely lightweight and easy to carry. The grips are designed in such a way that you can get a firm grip of the clubs before you take the stance for your swing.
  8. Adams Idea Golf Club Set: While talking about golf for senior golfers, the primary areas of concern are the hybrids to make the swings simpler and the graphite shafts. This set includes a driver with an oversized head to allow you to hit the ball with utmost confidence. The low profile 3 and 5 fairway woods enables you to launch the golf ball high up in the air, especially when hitting off the ground. The irons have been replaced with hybrid clubs, which come with expanded sweet spot to help you get more forgiveness even on mishits. The clubs are designed especially for aging golfers and are sure to make your weekend golfing experience a sheer pleasure.

You can easily shop for such golf clubs at a physical store. This would be a good way to buy the best golf club set for seniors, since it will allow you to test each set before you choose the final one. However, there are also several online shopping sites, which sell such golf club sets. You may find it difficult to choose the right one if it is the first time for you to play golf. You may tag along a friend or a family member, who has been playing golf for a long time. He can guide you in choosing the best one with ease.

Choose the Right Golf Clubs for Seniors Wisely
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