Callaway Big Bertha OS Hybrids Review

The Big Bertha OS Hybrids are Callaway’s offer for long distance performance. Since you might be looking for the best performers,  you will immediately notice the new Face Cup technology which offers a larger surface optimized for performance from different positions, not only with sweet-spot hits. With a deeper body, the center of gravity has also changed, improving your long distance results, even if by a smaller margin.

Hyper Speed Face Technology

If you’ve been waiting for new technologies which can translate into a faster face design, your needs are now met by the Big Bertha OS hybrids. The cup is specially designed for faster ball speeds which offer one of the most interesting experiences in terms of speed. Not only it delivers better results but it also improves the results of the off-center hits.

But the properties of the new face are not the only improvement as the size has also increased. This means you now have a larger surface to use with your hits but you also get an improved flexibility which challenged what is acceptable by regulation. By making these improvements, Callaway is making a strong statement on the future of the brand, pushing for what is achievable in terms of technology with what can be acceptable by USGA regulation.

Improved Aerodynamics

Designed in collaboration with aeronautical experts, the series comes with unmatched aerodynamic performance. Older fans of the manufacturer will immediately notice the Speed Step technology which has proven to offer a small improvement in terms of speed and air circulation with fast hits. The technology seems to provide better results even for the less experienced player. Eventually, you will experience faster speeds which can help you cover more distance.

Improved Forgiveness

The forgiveness of the series is based on simple and effective design changes. Basically, Callaway made a deeper clubhead which allowed the use of a larger face. But the manufacturer also added the control of the moment of inertia with the deeper body which completes the longer heel-to-toe design.

More Versatility

With 8 loft settings to choose from, you will have plenty of versatility to go for more personal records. The face can be angled but it can also be set to neutral. In the end, you will need to experiment for yourself and find the best positions to push for better performance which is suited to your playing style.

Callaway’s Big Bertha OS Hybrids offer one of the most interesting experience for long distance performance. With new and improved designs, you will have the opportunity to see the best results so far in terms of speed and distance. The technologies are improved from aerodynamics to the moment of inertia and provide a smooth experience which is constantly fast. As some of the technologies were developed with aeronautical expertise, the players can expect better overall results. You will get an experience which improves the speed and delivery with adjustable angles which can also be set to neutral and perform at the highest level even with off-center hits.


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