Top Features of the Nikon Golf Rangefinders

Nikon has been making golf rangefinders using their unique lens know-how. Not only did the company use high-quality optics for the devices but they also patented some interesting technologies such as the world’s first vibration reduction systems in these devices. The optics is well beyond your average choices as they come with the Eye-relief system which allows players who wear glasses to get the most out of the Nikon Rangefinder. Of course, with the optics, you can expect accuracy bellow one yard and Nikon has made it possible with some of its higher-end models.

Top reasons to choose a Nikon golf rangefinder

There are a few common technologies employed by Nikon with its rangefinder products. Some of these are common among the top manufacturers while others are patented. Let`s have a look at some of the most popular technologies among golfers for Nikon rangefinders:

Vibration Reduction (VR)

Vibration Reduction technology made Nikon one of the most recognized brands in the lens industry. This gave the manufacturer the opportunity to enter into the golf rangefinders market as a leader, securing its first position among competitors. The reality is that vibrations were responsible for the overall limitations when it comes to laser range. The development of this technology allowed rangefinders to push beyond the 400 yards limit to what the market is today.

ID Technology

The ID Technology uses compensation to calculate the distance in an uneven surface. This technology works both for uphill and downhill situations. You can use the reading to calculate how far you need to reach with your strike.

First Target Priority

This mode enables players to get the reading to the closest subject who is how you can find the flag or any other subject quickly and easily. By giving you the closest reading, Nikon is trying to teach users how to make quick readings for in-game situations. Also, by giving you the closest reading, Nikon eliminate the need to recalibrate the laser for each subject. This automatic process can prove to be time-saving but it may not be for all players.

Continuous measurement

The continuous measurement technology allows players to get the distance to multiple objects with the press of a button. It takes a minimum of 8 seconds for Nikon rangefinders to make the reading. The total time is thus shorter than the average on the market. The reading can be beneficial especially on new courses where you may need to go through an adjustment phase which requires you to learn the basic shots needed to reach the green. It may also be a great tool for younger players looking to experiment specific shots with the help of the triangulation technique.

LockedOn Technology

The LockedOn technology allows Nikon rangefinders to keep the focus on the flag or on the object of your choice. This feature will work even with dense backgrounds, such as trees, ponds, hills etc. For an easy alternative to multiple readings, Nikon offers this technology which keeps the focus on the target and gives the player the liberty needed to calculate the required steps to reach that target. The technology really shines with overlapping subjects where it sets a high standard in the industry.


The eye-relief technology allows crisp images to be projected with the rangefinder. This means that even players with eye problems or players with glasses can still enjoy the rangefinder and its readings without any impediments.


Nikon`s range comes with different levels of protection against the elements. You can expect basic and advanced protection, depending on the model you choose. The basic protection means you`ll be safe against rain. More advanced devices are totally waterproof and can even work on fog to a certain extent.


Since Vibration Reduction has been behind so many good reviews for Nikon rangefinders, it’s no wonder that the total range was above the market average. But even flagstick lock range is increased. While they start at 250 yards for the shortest options, they can go as high as 500 yards with the most high-end rangefinder.

Ease of use

This is one of the areas that many manufacturers struggle to get tangible results. Since Nikon has vast expertise in consumer products, this has been shown in the rangefinder`s usability. The products are among the easiest to use on the market and they have also been described to increase fun levels on the course. This can`t be said about many other manufacturers. Since users will always appreciate a straightforward experience, it can be said that Nikon`s rangefinders are here to stay.


Nikon`s rangefinders are among the most compact options you can find on the market. Since there are so many manufacturers it might be hard for you to choose a single product. But Nikon has made size a small problem, as many of their rangefinders come at close values. This means that if you need a compact design which is fully packed with technologies you can trust the brand to offer at least some viable options.

Nikon rangefinders are among the most popular on the market. Their innovative spirit was shown with the introduction of the Vibration Reduction technology. Since then, Nikon has made efforts to find the true balance between innovative technologies and ease of use. From this results the golf rangefinder products with a simple design with compact sizes to fit the needs of most players.

Nikon golf rangefinders models look similar but their power is complete to meet the need of most players. From affordable models to fully-packed premium models, there are plenty of options for players to choose from. If you`re unsure on which product to choose you can always find a combination of features which would satisfy you the most. If you only need to reach a minimum distance with the laser of the rangefinder, which doesn`t exceed 250 yards you can go with the affordable options. If you want to go beyond 450 yards and want to push your limits, Nikon`s higher-end models are the ones to choose from.



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