The Top Characteristics of Bushnell Rangefinders

A Bushnell Rangefinder is considered among the most popular options for golfers across the world. They come with some of the most sophisticated technologies on the market. But the rangefinders also cater to a wide variety of players, most of which can find a product to suit their needs. As a major manufacturer, Bushnell has a wider range of options and technologies to choose from. Ideally, you want to choose a rangefinder which will be useful even a few years from now. This is why it is worth investing into a solid performer. But you can also choose the minimalistic approach with just the basic features and an affordable price.

Top features of Bushnell rangefinders

Bushnell is still led by true golf enthusiasts who know what players need on the course. This is coupled with great company values such as the use of the latest technologies. But Bushnell also protects its customers with a great warranty for its products as it’s not unusual to see a 2-year coverage plan with its products.

Slope-switch technology

The slope-switch technology is one of the central points of the Bushnell rangefinders. You can find it on many models and the truth is it might come useful in certain tournaments where players aren`t allowed to use it. You can just turn it off with the switch of a button. This is the perfect situation for players looking to save money in the long term since you won`t have to buy two rangefinders and can use a single product to abide tournament regulations.

Dual display

Bushnell offers some of the simplest technologies which make a huge difference out on the course. You can choose between bright red and black display options to optimize data readings regardless on the weather conditions or other obstacles. This might come in handy when the sun is shining or during days with fog which test your eyesight the most.


Bushnell rangefinders can cover distances of up to 1.300 yards. This is more than enough for most players as the manufacturer provides different ranges which would suit different types of players. If you need to focus on the details as much as possible you can get an 800 yards rangefinder which will allow you to work on those finer characteristics of your shots. If you want to cover longer distances and need as much help as possible to propel the ball into the air, you can choose the longest coverage of 1.300 yards which will have you use the 6X magnification to its true capacity.


Bushnell is among the few select manufacturers which go below the 1-yard accuracy for their products` precision readings. This makes the rangefinders extremely attractive for the dedicated player but it may also be a good alternative for players switching from other manufacturers and who need to see some real improvement to justify the switch.

JOLT technology

This type of technology has started to be used by the important manufacturers due to its simplicity. Many players just refuse some newer technologies and manufacturers have to find the balance between innovation and market readiness. But this was not the case with JOLT, as the technology is now more common than ever before. Basically, it sends a short signal to the player whenever the laser has locked the flag into position. This has the potential to improve the whole experience and it could also save time.

Weather sealing

Weather sealing can be important for some players. Although most players don`t really focus on this feature, Bushnell knows its products often endup in other sports or with other uses where using them in difficult conditions might be the only option. This is why these products are for dedicated players. They are more expensive to manufacture as they go through more stages but they end up being very strong, especially with the sealed dials which makes them perfect for use in unfriendly conditions.

Rubber armor

Rubber armor is increasingly difficult to find. But these features speak about the quality and durability of the device and the standard of the manufacturer. While some players find it unnecessary, once they try a rangefinder with rubber housing protection they never go back. This is why when you choose one of these design you will have the extra reassurance that you will buy a durable device which will prove its worth in time. You could even drop it and still be able to use it without any problems. But rubber also plays an important role against slippage, especially on hot summer days when you have sweaty palms.

One-button operation

These types of buttons are great for the beginner user. The one-button operation means you will be able to easily switch between readings and settings without losing too much time in complicated menus. You`ll also be able to focus more on the game itself rather than making the rangefinder the main attraction. While not Bushnell models come with this system, users have the option of choosing a rangefinder which allows them to simplify the use to a bare minimum.

Bushnell rangefinders are known for their versatility and unrivaled construction. They use a combination of the latest technologies and good heritage which can help many types of players. Advanced players can benefit from the longer ranges with product covering up to 1.300 yards.

New players can benefit from the one-button operation system which has proven to build a solid fan base over the years. With good warranty conditions and plenty of state of the art technologies, Bushnell manages to base itself among the top brands in the golfing industry. If your budget allows it, you can choose one of the higher-end models from the manufacturer which can be used for years without any problems. If you have a limited budget or are intimidated by all the functions of such modern devices you could choose an entry-level model which has reduced settings an operations being geared more towards the automatic user profiles.


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